Disneyland Paris Trip Report - September 2017 Day 1

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Hi Guys!

I'm back again, trying to keep on a roll with these write ups before i start to forget everything that happened (if that's even possible on such a memorable trip?!). It was a real whirlwind 5 days and I still can't quite believe how lucky we were and that some of the things actually happened!

So here's what I got up to on day 1 of the trip, hope you enjoy!

Thursday September 21st, it was about 7 am when we left to get the tube to St Pancras to get our Eurostar and I was feeling super excited but a little nervous, we got a slightly later train than in August, but thanks to a shorter stop at Lille we still managed to get to the parks for about 1pm which left us a good chunk of time to explore the park.

We were super hungry when we arrived so after dropping out bags off we took a stroll down Main Street to Casey's corner for a hot dog, then we went across to Frontierland in search of Merida as she'd been out a lot recently despite not having an official meet in the program. As we entered Frontier land we were greeted with the amazing new Coco statues all around the land, they are really colourful and are way bigger than i expected and personally I think they are a great addition to Frontier land, and especial around the restaurant Fuente Del Oro in particular which I believe would hugely benefit from staying this way for the foreseeable.

We made out way towards the Chaparral Theater looking for Merida and were pleasantly surprised by an unscheduled appearance of Pluto and Goofy! I didn't manage to get a picture with Pluto but I did tell him what a good boy he was and gave him a pat on the nose, but I love my photo with Goofy from this meet, having the Train station in the background was a really nice touch!

As we left Cotton wood creek Merida had just come out so we were able to have a chat get an autograph and some photos and Shellie-May was wearing her Merida dress again so the interaction we got was amazing, I'm so so glad we took the time to go and look for this photo op as it really made my day.

After Frontier land a trip to meet the main mouse was on the cards, and as usual he didn't disappoint. The top I'm wearing is from the guys at Magical Thunder Press and not only do I love it, but Mickey loved it too, the ears are standard parks ears and are around €13.

After Meeting Mickey we got a few rides in and stopped to watch the Starlit Princess Waltz on castle stage before heading over to the Run Disney expo to pick up our Bibs and the pins we pre-ordered, stopped for a quick dinner in Disney village, back to concierge to grab our bags and then we got the shuttle to Hi park ready to check in and get some sleep before a very busy weekend kicked off!

So that's day 1, stay tuned and I'll try to make sure the rest of the days follow up quickly there's so much more to come.

Hoodsie xx


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