Welcome back! Following on from my Day One trip report its now time to update you on our day 2 adventures, this was our first full day in the park on this trip and I had some special surprises booked for sprog so lets jump in.

We got up early ready for our first full day and used this opportunity to make the most of the Extra Magic Hours in the main Disneyland park, having done inventions the night before we had already started to tick some characters off our list, but had a few more we really wanted to see while the queues were pretty quiet.
We got to the park for about 10 past 8 and our first stop was the Minnie Mouse meet and greet, Minnie was meeting outside her house on main street which is just to the right hand side as you first walk in, the queue was quite short still and she was in her spring dress which was a nice bonus. Interaction with Minnie was great, she was really fun and wasn't rushing people through, and even better there was a photopass photographer with her, so we were able to get some really nice photos to go with that all important autograph! next stop was to the top of main street where the Easter eggs are on display, this is the EMH meet point for Chip and Dale, and these were 2 characters i was particularly wanting to get a photo with on this trip, the chipmunks are brilliant and i would recommend that everyone meet them at DLP at least once, they're so funny and really play up, and the fact there's two of them makes it twice as funny, we actually met them twice this trip and they were and absolute pleasure both times, no photopass photographer at this meet unfortunately but there was a CM on hand to take photos for us which is always helpful!

After our 2 meet and greets we decided to do some early morning rides in fantasy land before the park started to get busy, we did the carousel, Dumbo's flying elephant and mad hatters tea cups, before taking a stroll back to the top of main street where we stopped for a snack, by this point it was about 9:45 and Thumper and Miss Bunny were due out shortly so we decided to wait for them meaning we were first in the queue when they came out. The bunnies were great! they were so cute and soft and lots of fun, I didn't expect to like that meet as much as i did, and it was definitely worth waiting for. After the bunnies we decided to head back to the hotel as I had forgotten the lunch and dinner vouchers for that day (Whoops!) so we popped into the emporium at the end of main street so sprog could buy the cuddly toy Marie she had been desperately eyeing up since the meet the day before.

We were really lucky with hotel shuttles so the pop back to the room didnt take long at all and before we knew it we were back in the park for our early lunch reservations, two of the main characters sprog wanted to meet on this trip were Cinderella and Ariel, so i had booked the 12:15 slot at Auberge De Cendrillion, this is a character dining restaurant in Fantasy land, just beside the carousel. It's a 3 course table service meal and though the food can be quite on the fancy end of the scale the staff are brilliant and will tweak the dishes where possible to make them suitable for you. We saw Suzy and perla, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel and prince Eric! This was almost a perfect line up for us, swapping Snow White for aurora or rapunzel would have made it perfect, but now I have a reason to go back! The food was delicious and the service was great, the princesses also do a dance in the open area by the fire place and that was great to watch, would encourage everyone to try this restaurant at least once, despite the premium price tag it really was worth every penny!

After lunch it had started to rain so we used this opportunity to check out some of the under cover rides, we did Snow White, Pinocchio, and pirates of the Caribbean by which point the rain has stopped so we took a walk round and did some shopping before making our first visit of the trip to the Walt Disney Studios park, we rode ratatouille, cars, slinky dog etc and also got to have a look in the shops in this park to see what was different.

After our brief trip to the studios it was time to head to our next surprise, Buffalo Bills Wild West Dinner Show. This is an evening show based in the Disney village and is themed on Cowboys and Indians, it has a show as well as food and drink and is worth seeing at least once, we went for the 6:30 showing and got there for 5:30 so we could get a drink before the show. Another benefit of getting there early is a short meet and greet with Mickey in his cowboy outfit and the pre show which has live music and an appearance from goofy!

The show was as usual amazing, and the food and drink was great too, it was a nice chance to do something a bit different and also somewhere to stay out of the rain and have a sit down and break from the hustle of the parks for a few hours, plus you get a free cowboy hat to keep, and who doesn't like free stuff?

After the show we headed back into the main park to do a few rides again while we waited for dreams, luckily about 15 mins before dreams was due to start the rain stopped and it stayed dry for the whole show! Dreams as usual was fantastic, the combination of the Disney songs we know and love, the projections onto the iconic castle and the perfectly timed fireworks and pyrotechnics is something that takes my breath away and leaves me utterly speechless every time, and this was no exception. It can be a late night to stay up and watch it especially in the summer months if you have little people, but it was so worth it. After dreams we popped into a few shops while we waited for the park to empty and managed to take some great pics before we headed back for the evening.

So that's the end of day two and what a busy day it was, don't forget to subscribe so you can catch the rest of the trip report and leave your comments!
Hello folks!

Apologies for the lack of content over the last few weeks, for those of you that follow me on twitter, you will know I've recently got back from a 5 day stay in Disneyland Paris! The good news is this means I have plenty to tell you all about, and this will be the first in a short series of trip reports to let you know what I've been getting up to, so without further rambling lets jump in!

My adventure started on Monday May 9th with an early start to travel to Birmingham International Airport to catch my flight to Paris Charles de Gaule, from the airport we grabbed the VEA Magic shuttle straight to our hotel for check in. Can't fault any of the travel on our trip, both airports were quick easy and hassle free and we managed to jump almost straight on to a shuttle once we grabbed our bags!

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First stop once we reached Disney property was our hotel so that we could check in and collect Sprog's park ticket, of course we stayed at my favourite hotel the Santa Fe! Anyone who's been following my previous posts will know that Cars is my favourite Pixar film, and probably up there as on of my favourite Disney and even all time films! I love the Cars theme in the Santa Fe, each section of hotel blocks is named after a different cars character, the rooms have cars themed borders, curtains, carpet, bedding and even some really cute accessories, so it's really like a dream come true for me! Check in was quick and easy and all the cast members I spoke to at the hotel we're super friendly, one even gave sprog some sweets while I was sorting out check in! We arrived at about 1:45 local time, and our room was ready straight away so we were able to drop off the bags before we headed into the park.

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We caught the free hotel shuttle into the park once we got settled into the hotel and arrived in the park just as Minnie's little spring train was about to start and luckily the area opposite Flora's boutique was really quiet so we got a great spot to catch the train!

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Next on the list was a trip to the emporium on main street to get sprog her first DLP autograph book, of course she chose the princess one. Once we had this we joined the queue to meet Marie who was outside Minnie's house, the queue was relatively short and there was a photopass photographer at this meet which i was happy about as we got some really great photos. I had decided to get the annual version of the photopass plus which is exclusive to annual pass holders, I bought this on my 1 day march trip before the price increase so got it for 39.99 Euros which i think is a fantastic buy, however like many other guests I would like to see an increase in the amount of photopass photographers that are at the advertised meet and greets in the parks! Either way Marie was fantastic and a great start to our trip.

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Once we'd seen Marie it was time to show sprog the big pink castle that she'd been waiting for and get on some rides before our first meal reservation. Small world was the main ride highlight of the first day for sprog, and is one of my guilty pleasures in the main Disneyland park, it has been recently refurbished and is looking totally fabulous right now, the puppets are all working and the new fresh colours really pop! It really is a feast for the eye and is not to be missed! We also rode Buzz Lightyear's lazer blast in discovery land, then back to fantasy land for tea cups and Dumbo's flying elephants, on our way back from discovery land we even stopped for a quick photo with Scrooge McDuck, which was a character I was really excited to meet, especially since I've started reading the Scrooge comic series. Sadly the photo pass photographer finished just before our turn with Scrooge, but the lovely CM Luke who was with scrooge got some great pics for us, thanks again Luke!

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After watching Magic on parade from the corner by main street transport we headed for our first reserved meal of the trip which was at Inventions. For those of you who aren't familiar, Inventions is one of a selection of character dining experiences on offer at DLP (I am planning on writing a brief guide separate to this for character dining) it is based on the second floor of the Disneyland hotel, but you can eat there even if you are not an onsite hotel guest. We met 6 characters in total at inventions,  and spent nearly 2 hours in the restaurant, this was a great way to kick start our autograph collection, we saw Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Tigger, Eeyore and Pinocchio. The food in inventions is buffet style so does have a lot of choice and should have something to suit most diets, however i did find it to be rather sea-food heavy which is not to my personal taste.

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After inventions we popped back into the parks to take a trip to Phantom Manor, by now it was getting dark and had started to rain, so this was the perfect setting for Sprog's first Phantom Manor experience, sadly i didn't catch the names of the two cast members at the start of Phantom Manor on Monday night but they were honestly so brilliant and 100% in character which made the experience so authentic, the lightning in the lift scared sprog a little bit, but she loved the rest of the ride.

After a long day of travelling and exploring it was time to get back to the hotel to rest up for a very busy day 2, so that's the end of today's trip report. Hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions about anything we did on day one drop me a comment, if not I hope you join us again for day 2!
They've only officially been out in the UK for 2 days and they're already creating a massive buzz in the Disney community. Lego have teamed up with Disney to create the first Disney minifigure series.

In total the series has 18 minifigures, they are sold in blind bags at £2.50 each and are currently available in waterstones, smyths toys and Lego stores across the UK, though I expect to see them hit toy stores and supermarkets over the next few days.

As with the other Lego mini figure series, each bag has some dots or bumps at the bottom of the packet where the batch number is printed and eagle eyed Lego fans will know these dot patterns relate to which figure is inside, saving collectors a small fortune in duplicates.

Some dot guides have appeared online but these don't yet appear to be 100% accurate so I am looking to develop my own but for now here are some photos of the figures I've found so far.

That's all for now, will update you when I finish the set, happy collecting!