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This post is going to be something a little different from what I've been writing recently, but I hope you enjoy it just as much, I've written this post in collaboration with my good friend Amy and her blog Scariel's grotto which of course I'd recommend checking out! When she asked if I'd like to join her to write about a Disney classic I decided Oliver and Company was the one film that stood out to me that I could be passionate about, so here's why I think the film is so underrated and what it means to me.

Oliver and company was first released into cinemas in 1988, 2 years before I was born, the film is inspired by the Charles Dickens novel "Oliver", it came out the same year as, and in fact it shared it's opening weekend with the Don Bluth production The land before time, which is another film I have incredibly fond memories of from my childhood and I'm not ashamed to say I own the boxset, even though the later sequels lacked what made the first films great.

The film wad fairly successful at the box office, however critics were less convinced with many feeling it was a poor effort compared to previous Disney classics, the film didn't make it to VHS until 1996 when it was re released theatrically to compete with the film All dogs go to heaven 2.

It must have been around the time of the re release that I saw Oliver and Company for the first time, it had everything I wanted from the film, Kittens, dogs, catchy songs, I'm pretty sure I was sold from the first time I saw it. As a child I don't think I appreciated what the story was based on, and this is possibly why as an adult I enjoyed re visiting this film so much, it's such a unique re-telling of a classic story that made it feel fresh and yet familiar.

In my opinion, the songs are what make this movie great, when I think of classic Disney films I remember the music most of all, and Oliver and company is no exception, my favourite song from the film is "Why should I worry" which is probably one of the most well known songs from the film, it's fun, up beat and catchy and even after all these years as soon as I hear the opening, I suddenly remember all of the words!

And then the characters, Dodger was probably the peoples favourite, the funny cool leader of the pack, street wise and fearless he kept the gang in line and looked out for Oliver, but for me, Oliver was always my favourite, maybe I felt sorry for him, I've always had a connection with Disney cats, from the moment I watched Lady and the Tramp I wanted Si and Am, I could easily have given a home to all of the Aristocat kittens, so of course Oliver was no different, if anything, he was just the cutest.

Fast forward a few years, and you meet my Oliver. Ok I know he's not a cat, but that's who he's named after, he's the best friend I longed for and I know I would be just as lost and upset as Jenny was if he ever went missing!

Oliver is a Jack Russel, he's 14 now and I've honestly never met a dog who's more like a cat than him, he loves nothing more than to curl up in the arm chair at home and sleep by the TV, he is the kindest, softest daft dog, and I love him for it.

I can't imagine what my childhood would have been like without Oliver and Company, and I can't imagine life now without my little dog around, and for me, that's what makes this film so special, it's stuck with me for all these years.

Have you seen Oliver and company? What did you think? Maybe your pet is named after a Disney film that's special to you? I'd love to hear your stories so drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx
Hey guys!

I can't believe its been 5 weeks since the 25th anniversary day already! I'm still trying to process all of it, and can't really believe a lot of what I saw! I still have so many lovely photos to go through, and I'm trying to work out which ones to print to go in my album! But as I looked back through the photos I realized I took quite a few pictures of the Happy birthday Disneyland Paris show on the castle stage, honestly this is probably my favourite piece of entertainment from the 25th anniversary, and lets be honest everything's easier to write about when you're passionate, so here's my review of the show!

The show takes place on Castle stage and is currently being shown 3 times a day before making way for the starlit princess waltz later on in the day. The show is around 15 mins long and sees Mickey and a whole bunch of his friends celebrate all that is great about Disneyland Paris in honour of the parks 25th anniversary.

The show is themed around the different lands of our favourite park and the lyrics are 50/50 English and French mix, though it all flows so well and there's so much going on that I didn't even realise it was half French until the 3rd time of watching it, whoops!

The first section is based on Main Street and introduces our pal Goofy and his son Max who are present throughout the rest of the show to tie it all together along with 4 incredible dancers who I am constantly in awe of. My favourite part about the Main street section is that the costumes remind me of Swing into Spring which I've really missed this year!

Next it's off to frontier land where we meet our friends Woody, Jessie, Chip and Dale! I love frontier land as it's thunder mesa back story is just incredible and really brings the land together perfectly, the dancers have gained cowboy hats to complete their outfits and this is probably my favourite musical part of the whole show. Chip and Dale make exceptional cowboys and look so so cute, and the music is just really upbeat and fun, honestly I defy you to sit still through this section, I'm pretty sure it's impossible! Its the perfect tribute to this part of the park.

After frontier land it's time to visit Adventure land and catch up with our friends king Louis, Baloo, Peter and Mr Smee. As a huge Peter pan fan, this made me very excited to get to see my lost boy front and centre. What I like the most about this section is the great job they've made of covering both aspects of Adventure land, the pirates and the jungle! The dancers have split with two carrying on the pirate theme and two taking on the jungle theme and it has been brought together really well so that neither feels out of place.

Two lands down two to go so Fantasy land is our next stop, luckily the Mad hatter loves a good party and has brought his friends Alice, Pooh, Piglet, Pluto and Duffy Bear to celebrate with him and a selection of fantastic Mad hatter style hats for the dancers. Now what struck me most about this section is the inclusion of Duffy. Now obviously I'm a huge Duffy fan, so it's obviously a good decision if you ask me, but for a character who doesn't come out for meets in the park, isn't on the new merchandise range, and overall isn't that well known I was kind of surprised to see him! I do think that it's a really positive step and I'm praying it's the start of more regular appearances by my favourite baby bear. But if nothing else, it really makes the show for me!

Our final destination is Discovery land where we're joined by Buzz Lightyear and the naughty Stitch! I really love the dancers alien hats in this section and if they sold them in the parks I don't think I'd be taking mine off, not only that but stitch is a huge fan favourite and it's always a pleasure to see him included.

Now that we've taken a walk down main street and visited all four lands, there's only one thing left to do, but where's Mickey? You can't celebrate everything that makes Disneyland Paris great without a visit from the leading mouse and of course he's wearing his finest 25th anniversary suit! Which just gives us chance to pose for a few photos to finish off the celebrations.

So that's my thoughts on the 25th anniversary show, have you guys seen it? What was your favourite part? If you haven't seen it yet, or you're just missing it like I am, Philip over at DLRP Fans has uploaded a great 4K video to his YouTube, enjoy!

Hoodsie xx
Hey again!

So Guardians has been out in UK cinemas for about 2 weeks now, and at the time of writing this I've been lucky enough to have seen it twice already, so I thought I'd take some time out to share my thoughts on it with you. I'll do my best to keep it spoiler free and hopefully if you haven't seen it already I can convince you to part with a few hours of your time to give it a try.

This is of course the sequel to the 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the galaxy, and volume 2 has been left with some pretty big shoes to fill, the original film was, in my opinion, a refreshing change from some of the Marvel films that came before it and this was due to it's clever balance of humor and also heartfelt more serious moments. This was perhaps the thing I was most apprehensive off going into my first viewing, a mix like that can be difficult to create one, let alone a second time.

I didn't need to be worried, right from the first maybe 5 or so minutes we had already experienced this unique blend, from initial flash back scene in 1980's Missouri to the humor of the opening title credits I had a good feeling right from the start.

Fast forward 34 years and we join our unlikely group of heroes working for the Nova core to carry out various tasks across the galaxy, this particular job from the Sovereigns protecting highly sought after and expensive Annulax batteries, in return for their work they are given Nebula, Gamora's sister, who was being held hostage and set about returning her to Xander to collect their bounty. Of course this would have been made farm easier if Rocket hadn't decided to help himself to some of the batteries.

The Sovereign go after the guardians and an impressive space battle ensues, Star Lord is visibly annoyed at Rocket for causing this and the continue to argue as they fly, narrowly making it through the battle they crash land and their ship, the Milano, sustains serious damage. Rocket notices that during the battle against the Sovereign they were aided by another ship they didn't recognize, and short time after landing the ship joins them, this is where we meet Ego and Mantis.

Star Lord, Drax and Gamora end up going with Ego and mantis back to their planet while Rocket and Groot repair the ship while keeping an eye on Nebula, on Ego's planet Peter learns more about his parentage and how he ended up leaving Earth with Yondu, meanwhile Rocket is ambushed by Yondu and his group of ravagers and taken hostage.

As we learn more about Peters heritage it becomes clear that all is not what it seems, meanwhile Rocket and Yondu end up setting aside their differences to work together to warn Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians what's about to happen if they stay on Ego's planet.

The humor is in my opinion as good as the first Guardians film, which speaking to other I know is something the fans were worried about, that it wouldn't live up to the expectations set by its predecessor, luckily I didn't find this to be the case and thought Drax in particular had some really funny moments. Of course the friendship between Rocket and Groot also provided some really funny moments, and they are possibly my favourite pairing from the Marvel cinematic universe.

For me what really made this film great was the in depth character development, although, for the most part, the film focused on Star Lord and where he came from, we got to learn a lot more about not only the other Guardians but also about Nebula and Yondu in particular. I definitely left the cinema with a different opinion on some of the characters than I went into it with, and this is a credit to the story telling.

The film was quite heavy with new information to digest but it was well paced throughout and I never felt bored or overwhelmed by what was going on and this made it an easy watch. As in the first film the soundtrack, awesome mix volume 2, was brilliant and really added to the feel of the film, I know it's something I'll be downloading soon and playing over and over in my car alongside the first. It's still stuck in my head now and it's been at least 4 days since I last watched the film.

Of course, one of the best things about Marvel films are the post credits scenes, and get comfortable because volume 2 does not disappoint, with 5 post credit scenes you'll be sure to get your moneys worth out of the cost of your ticket, and it has already left me excited for the next installment.

Overall I really enjoyed this film, and although for personal reasons I found some of the subject matter quite difficult to watch, I do think it is an equal to the first film and one I will be watching again soon. Its quite a long film with a total running time of 2 hours 16 mins but it didn't feel that long watching it. I think the guardians series is quickly becoming my favourite of the Marvel films and would highly recommend viewing!

Have you seen guardians? What did you think? Drop me a comment, as always I'd love to chat and hear your thoughts.

Hoodsie xx
Hi guys,

Been excited to share this one with you all, it's a slightly different haul than normal as this month the focus is the purchases I made in Disneyland Paris during my 25th anniversary trip. I will list where I bought each item and the cost before discount, if I can remember them all!


First of all, what's a Disney trip without some pins to commemorate the occasion, i picked up 3 new pins and a new lanyard on my trip, and was then sent a fourth pin by my good friend Britt as it released just after my visit so I've included that too. All of the pins I got were open editions so should be available in the parks for the next 12 months it also means they should be on sale in most shops.

Out of the 4 pins I picked up two are 25th anniversary pins, the Minnie one was €8.99 and I actually picked it up from the trading post in Frontier Land near cowboy cookout as it was sold out in most other shops, the second with the castle was €6.99 and I got this one in the constellations store in Discovery Land.

I try to pick up a dated year pin each year I visit the parks and I picked up this one for €9.99 it is a spinner design and features they tend to make a new version of this pin most years but I hadn't picked up this design before, I think this one also came from constellations but again should be available in most stores and Disney hotel shops.

The Final pin was this Duffy and Shellie-May pin which released on the last weekend of April, as I was already home my friend Britt picked this one up and sent it over and I couldn't be more grateful, what a lovely way to commemorate my wonderful meet with both of them. I think it was €7.99

The final item from my pin purchases was a new lanyard, I picked up this 25th anniversary lanyard from the trading post and it was €9.99, I really like the colour and design and figured you can never have enough lanyards, plus I'm a huge sucker for the 25th merchandise as I love the steampunk outfits Mickey and Minnie are wearing. Unfortunately when I got home I realised the clip was broken, so I have E-mailed Disney and sent a copy of my receipt and hopefully I will be getting it replaced soon!


I picked up a few clothing/accessory items this trip, my favourite though has to be the special 25th top. Now you can still purchase an almost identical top to this in the parks, but what makes mine special is that it has the anniversary date on it and was only sold on the 12th. It was €21.99 from Flora's which I thought was a really good price, and was actually cheaper than the not limited 25th top I had intended to purchase.

I also picked up these adorable Sulley socks for €7.99 from the shop on the left by the gates as you exit the main Disneyland park, they will go perfect with the Sulley back pack I bought on my January trip, and the Sulley hoodie I hope to pick up on my next trip!

And finally if you can take a trip to a Disney park without buying a new pair of Minnie ears, you're obviously a much stronger person than I am. After leaving my sparkly Blue ears in the hotel by accident on the anniversary day (oh come on! of all the days) it seemed like I had no other choice but to grab one of the 25th Minnie ears to wear for the day! I decided to go for the purple pair that match Minnie's parade bow and picked them up from Flora's on Main street for €16.99.

Year of Stars

The year of stars merchandise range is pretty impressive and and has whole bunch of items featuring Mickey and the gang in their new parade outfits, honestly I could have bought so much of it, and I'm sure I'll be buying more when I go back later this year if I need it or not. But for this trip the main items I picked up are the Photo album for €16.99 which I actually picked up in the hotel shop, it holds up to 200 photos and has space next to each one to write any notes you want to help you remember etra details such as dates etc.

I also picked up the Autograph book for €12.99 and the matching pen for €3.99 again I got these from the shop in my hotel, but they should be available in most shops in the park, especially the Emporium on main street which is a great location to pick up your park essentials and possible one of my favourite stores.

Also pictured is the Buzz pen I bought in constellations, again it was €3.99 but they appear to have changed the design from previous years, and for a toy story fan like me that seemed to be enough of a reason for me to part with my cash, whoops!


Now of course, there's plenty more I did buy that would have fitted into this section, but of course it never made it back to the hotel let alone home with me, who can blame me right? But the two items I did manage to bring home were the limited edition DLP25 coke bottle, I believe these are €3.99 and I bought mine from one of the carts on Main street. It is kind of pricey for what it is so I only bought the one, but it was such a wonderful keepsake and an unusual item that I couldn't say no.

I also brought back these awesome Mickey shaped lollies for €4.99, you get 5 flavours Orange, Cherry, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and Banana. Banana is my favourite out of the 5 but they're all really nice, and it's a great little pick me up when the Disney blues set in at home!


Finally it would be silly to think I could come back from a Disney trip without some new Duffy and friends merchandise, and who am I to disappoint you? this trip I picked up the new 25th anniversary Duffy and Shellie-May plushes, they are €29.99 each and can be bought from the Story book store, Floras and the Emporium. I love the varsity style jackets, and they're a really cute size though a fair bit smaller than the 20th anniversary Duffy.

I also bought a copy of my photo pass picture from the Duffy and Shellie meet, with this 25th anniversary frame which I picked up from Flora's I think this is about €12.99 usually. I love that its such a great way for me to remember the 12th and it looks great to have it displayed with my 25th plushes too.

I picked up 2 new Duffy outfits this trip, Duffy's original sailor outfit for €15.99 and a Tramp costume for €22.99, as we already had the Lady costume for Shellie I was super happy to be able to complete the set, I got these in the Storybook store next to city hall, as this is my favourite place to pick up Duffy related items, but you can find them elsewhere in the parks!

Annual Pass

Perhaps the biggest, or at least most expensive purchase of the trip was my annual pass. Disneyland Paris recently changed their annual pass offering and introduced 4 new annual passes, the most expensive is the Infinity pass at €399, it has some features which were not on the old Dream pass, so existing pass holders were given the option to upgrade for €176, after some quick Disney math (the only kind worth doing) I decided the benefits outweighed the additional cost for me, so when I arrived upgrading my annual pass was the first order of business after the parade.

So I think that wraps up my purchases from my April trip, I probably spent way too much money, but it makes me happy and with my annual pass discount it takes off a little chunk which makes it all more affordable.

What did you buy on your last trip? Have I bought anything you're going to look for on your next trip? Drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx
Hi guys!

Many of you may know that recently Disneyland Paris changed their character breakfast offering from Cafe Mickey to Plaza Gardens, I was lucky enough to be offered a friends spot on their reservation during my recent trip for the 25th so I thought it was a good time to right up my thoughts on the experience.

Please do bear in mind these are only my opinions based on the experience I had on this one visit!

Our booking was for Thursday March 13th and was for the first sitting which starts at 8:15, there is a second sitting at 9:45 and you can book in advance up to 2 days before using the normal reservations line. Or you can pay in full to add it to your booking when you book your trip through Disney or a travel agent. Breakfast was €35 per person and this makes it the cheapest of the character dining experiences on offer at Disneyland Paris.

I made it to the park for just after 8 am on the Thursday and managed to spot Kelly and Clare just outside the entrance so we walked over to Plaza Gardens together, there was already a small queue forming for this mornings breakfast so we decided to get straight in the queue to get the table and our friends could join us as they arrived. With the breakfast you have to pay on entry before you are seated, which isn't so easy when you're in a large group, especially if the majority of the group isn't there yet.

In the end we decided that I would pay for the full table and then we would sort it out between us individually afterwards. Before long we were seated in the conservatory area nearest the Discovery arcade and before long our friends had joined us.

The breakfast is a buffet and has a mix of both hot and cold options, which was a nice change from the continental offering at my hotel. I felt like there was more choice available than the old Cafe Mickey offering and was able to pick up things like Pancakes and crepes as well as the standard Bacon, Sausages, cereals and toast. There was also a selection of Hot drinks and fruit juices available.

For me the only issue with Character meals being a buffet is knowing when to leave your table! Of course this is no different than its predecessor but there definitely is a trick to knowing when to leave and when to stay sat. In an ideal scenario I would recommend aiming to get to fantasia gardens a few mins before 8 so that you're one of the first to enter the parks if you're on the 8:15 sitting, head straight to the restaurant to ensure you are one of the first to be seated and this should give you a good chance to get up to the buffet before the characters have arrived.

Once the characters come in they seem to split into 2 groups of 3 and take half the restaurant each, as we were sat in one of the further corners from the main entrance this did give us a bit of extra time to get over to the buffet and back before the characters began to reach us.

The first set of characters to meet us were Mickey, Uncle Scrooge and Daisy Duck, they were all great and spent a fair amount of time with our group and were happy to do pictures and autographs, in particular Daisy was a stand out meet for me she spent what felt like a lot of time with us and the interaction was really good especially with my Duffy and Shellie.

After the characters have been round the first half of the restaurant they pop out for a quick comfort break and then swap sides to meet the other half of the restaurant, this unfortunately is where things went a bit wrong for us.

The second set of three characters was Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger, I was particularly excited to meet Piglet and for me this was one of the main factors in deciding to try the new breakfast as he was the only Winnie the Pooh character that does meets in DLP I hadn't managed to meet yet.

Eeyore came over first and was brilliant, he took pictures and did autographs, and I was getting really excited for Piglet to reach our table. Tigger was next to visit us, but I can only describe this meet as the most puzzling and uncharacteristic thing I have ever experienced at Disneyland Paris. To me, when I think of Tigger I think of him as being happy, bouncy, full of energy. Unfortunately the Tigger that came to visit us was pretty much the exact opposite, he wasn't bouncy or fun, he wasn't interested in signing autographs or even really posing for photos, we even had to grab him to come back after he tried to leave before meeting half of our table.

This was so disappointing, and really left us feeling quite puzzled, the restaurant was as far as we could tell fully booked, but all the characters up till now had given 100%, we were a big group but we tried to be pretty organised and get up for photos etc quickly, I can appreciate there's a time restraint to get round all the tables, but it really felt like Tigger couldn't be bothered with us.

Of course this just left Piglet to visit us, and although it wasn't quite as bad as the Tigger situation, Piglet was clearly in a rush too, encouraging us to take one group photo rather than individual/smaller group pics, and making watch gestures at us to move a little quicker. This was a bit disappointing overall but didn't entirely ruin getting to meet him, even if it wasn't how i pictured my first meet to be.

I'm since told by cast members and friends of cast members that Piglet isn't supposed to sign at breakfast, and this may explain why he was trying to rush us, however there was nothing to say we shouldn't be asking and he could have refused. As you are seated there is a small card on the table with instructions for character dining, basic things like explaining that the characters come to you etc, I would suggest if characters aren't to sign at breakfast this should be added in as I wouldn't have asked if I'd known he wasn't supposed to sign.

Overall I enjoyed my first experience of Plaza Gardens, the food was nice and there was a good selection, the bigger buffet counters in Plaza gardens made it easier to get up and get food without waiting too long, and the location meant there wasn't a constant stream of people walking past and staring in at you while you were eating, which was definitely a plus over Cafe Mickey.

My only issue would be that either the sittings need to be longer to allow the characters to comfortably get round all the tables, or that they need to not book out the whole of the restaurant as the characters clearly weren't able to get round all of the tables and give a consistent high level of interaction which you would expect for the cost, I'm sure the characters are no happier leaving people disappointed than we are being disappointed. In my opinion a 3rd sitting and not to fill the restaurant for each sitting would be an ideal resolution.

Would I try Plaza Gardens breakfast again? It might surprise you to hear that I do intend to go back and try again, it's still a fairly new offering and hopefully if people continue to provide feedback changes can be made to improve, I do however think that character dining experiences are better for smaller groups so if I booked again I would ask for 2 bookings of 4/5 and ask to be seated near each other.

Have you done breakfast since it moved, what did you think?

Hoodsie xx
Hey again!

Following on from Part One which proved to be pretty popular with you all, it's time to look at the second half of my trip to DLP for the 25th anniversary week and the characters I was lucky enough to meet. Hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave any questions or comments and I'll do my best to get back to you!

Thursday March 13th

After a long day for the grand celebrations on Wednesday I forced myself to get up and out for the 8:15 sitting at Plaza Gardens to try the new character breakfast that is replacing Cafe Mickey (more about that in a later post) this is an easy way to tick some characters off your list and get fueled up for the day ahead. During breakfast we met Mickey, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. Out of these Piglet was a new character for me, and truth be told was the majority of the reason for my trip there. I will write up a review of my experience of this breakfast in the next week or two!

Our next meet of the day was Darth Vader at his new permanent location in Discovery land, the queue was fairly short at around 30 mins, and it was a fantastic experience that I would strongly recommend to both Character fans and Star Wars fans alike. The meet and greet is located in the old Star Traders building and i think this is a really good use of this space, the queue is predominantly outside, but due to the design of the building it is also under cover which is nice, once you get inside you are directed into a small holding room while you wait for your turn. Once he's ready to see you, Vader will come and collect you from the holding room, and this is where the magic starts, everyone is 100% in character, Vader talks in either French or English and will do his best to intimidate you, and the CM and photo pass photographer on hand will play along perfectly and do exactly as Vader tells them to like the most loyal minion.

After meeting Vader our walk through Discovery land saw us stumble upon an unscheduled Stitch meet, if you're a big fan of the Blue trouble maker he can often be found around Orbitron and Space Mountain, as always meeting him was a pleasure, even after he picked his nose with my pen and stole Duffy!

The final character we met on Thursday was another unscheduled meet, this time in the front lot of the Walt Disney studios park, another first time meet for the trip was the turn of Mulan, I really enjoyed meeting her and the queue was quite short as the meet wasn't in the program! Typically front lot is a great place to meet characters around lunch time, and the same for the path by Casey Junior in the main park.

Friday March 14th

Friday was my last full day in the park for this trip, so to make the most of it we headed out early to get in for EMH, we weren't quite as early as we had hoped but wanted to meet Minnie so made the most of the time we did have. As it was Good Friday and the anniversary week the parks were quite busy and this did make the EMH queues longer than normal, we ended up queuing about an hour for Minnie, but she was worth it and had a photo pass photographer with her as well which meant I got a lovely high quality photo too!

Our next meet was Aladdin and Jasmine in adventure land outside the enchanted passage, they were so nice and friendly and we were able to get loads of photos even though there was no photo pass for this meet, the only frustration was that I had a print I wanted to get signed but in my star struck state I totally forgot, I guess there's always next time!

After meeting Aladdin and Jasmine we got word that my all time favourite lost boy might be out near his old meet spot opposite skull rock, this was an opportunity I wasn't missing, although Peter is one of my favourite characters this would only be the 2nd time I'd been able to meet him over 10 trips! So after a quick run round to the other side of adventure land, and a short wait in the wrong queue we found our lost boy, and even better, his Wendy bird was with him to, as the only Peter pan character currently meeting in DLP that I hadn't met I was pretty excited. The queue wasn't too long and it was quickly our turn I'd been waiting so long to cuddle Peter again and he didn't disappoint, Wendy was beautiful and every bit as lovely as I had hoped, and I also had a chance to show them photos of Duffy and Shellie dressed as Peter and Tink which they loved!

After such a perfect start to the day we topped up our character count with a late lunch at Auberge De Cendrillon in Fantasy land, we've been a bit unlucky in the past and had the same characters multiple times but I guess someone was looking down on us this time as we got our pretty much perfect line up, as well as Suzy and Perla we were joined by Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and Rapunzel. The food was great but the interaction was even better and we got some lovely photos and memories to cherish, Rapunzel even remembered Kelly and I from the pavilion on Tuesday which was really lovely.


Saturday March 15th

My last morning in the park and time for one last meet and greet so who better than my favourite deputy, my best pal, and the one cowboy I know will always have a special place in my heart. No trip to DLP is truly complete without a visit to see woody, even better as it was a saturday we teamed it with a trip to the trading post to try and grab a 25th pin before they all sold out.

The weather wasn't great but woody wasn't bothered and was warm and friendly as normal, I got lots of hugs and some great photos, and even better, Duffy was wearing his woody outfit, which gave us the cutest photo opportunity. It really was the perfect meet to finish of such a wonderful trip meeting new friends and old.

So that's it for this trip in terms of character meets, hope this has been as enjoyable to follow as it was to experience. Who did you guys meet on your last trip? Did I see any characters you've been looking for? Drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx