Hey Guys,

Something a little different today, I hope you all enjoy it just as much though!

As the 2019 edition of Run Disney at Disneyland Paris creeps ever closer my mind is already in full-on training mode, and I can imagine I'm not the only one. Training can, however, be a little boring at times, long runs, bad weather and having to run alone are some of the main things that make it hard for me to get off the sofa. Then I found virtual races, and suddenly I have the ultimate running mojo boost tool to hand.

So what is a virtual race? Simple, you commit online to walk jog or run a set distance within a certain time frame. You pay your money to enter and then it's up to you to go out and cover the miles within the set date range. It doesn't matter if you do this out and about or on a treadmill in the gym, the most important part is that you cover the distance and that you get proof. Once you've completed your distance and have your proof ready you can submit it online, if it all checks out your reward is a shiny new medal which arrives in the post a few days later!

And how do I provide proof? This can be either a photo of the treadmill at the end of your session showing total distance covered, a screenshot of your result online from say park run or if you're out running in your local area you can track it on a mobile app such as Strava, Fitbit or Run Keeper and take a screenshot of your logged exercise, the most important thing is that the total distance is visible and meets or exceeds the distance required for whichever event you've committed to.

Now some people don't agree with the idea of virtual races, I often get asked if I feel like I've bought the medal as it's a training run I would have been doing anyway and not a "real" event/race. Though I can understand that viewpoint, no, I don't feel like I've earned it any less than someone who has run the same distance at an official race. 5 km is the same distance no matter whether you walk, jog or run it, so I don't see why I should be any less proud of it because it's a training run!

I often find where I live there can be a lack of races over the winter months and this is usually when my motivation takes a nose dive! It's cold, dark and wet and frankly, snuggling up under a fluffy blanket and watching trashy TV with a chocolate bar to hand does sound a LOT more appealing than going and running in all weathers. This is where I have found virtual races to be invaluable, more than anything they have given me that last extra push to get up and get out, and I almost always feel better for doing it, no matter how cliche that sounds. I have completed 4 virtual races since October 2018 after the Run Disney weekend, but I already have 2 more paid for ready for the next couple of months and a few more that I have my eye on too, it has really changed my training over the winter months and I honestly already feel the benefit of staying motivated and moving.

So what I wanted to share with you guys today are a few virtual races that are Disney inspired that you guys might want to sign up for.

I have in no way been sponsored or paid to advertise these, and will not receive anything additional if you guys do sign up, but I thought I'd share what I've been enjoying with you! 

Spot a race you like? Links below each picture to be taken through to the sign-up page! Please check you meet all eligibility criteria etc.







As you can see there's a huge amount of races out there, and this is just from 2 websites! Hopefully, these will be as useful and successful in inspiring you guys as they have been for me. Which will you be signing up for? Or perhaps you've found some I haven't seen, drop me a link!

Hoodsie xx