Hey guys!

So this is actually something I've done before, back in March last year I posted my wishlist for merchandise that's available in other Disney parks that I wanted to see come to Disneyland Paris. Well, it was pretty successful, you guys seemed to really enjoy it and it sparked a lot of conversation on my social media, but not only that, here we are 10 months later and some of the items I wrote about are now available in Paris! Now, of course, I don't take any credit for it, but it was fun to see which things came to fruition.

So here's my updated list for 2019, once again this is just my personal view of what I've seen on sale elsewhere that I would buy if it came to Paris, I'd love to hear your ideas too, who knows, maybe someone from the merch team is watching!

5. Pet items.

Pets are like family right? So when I go on holiday and have to leave my fur baby at home, I'd at least like to be able to treat him and bring something back for him. Though Paris does sell a few items for our four-legged friends, the range is quite inferior when compared to what is available just across the pond! The US Disney parks have everything from bowls, leads and collars to toys, beds and even outfits for your fur baby! I'm pretty sure Charlie is going to get spoiled rotten when I go to WDW in November, the squeaky Mickey Waffle doggy toy is top of his wish list.

Pictures are taken from Shop Disney US

4. Ride/Land specific merch.

Like a few of the other things on this list, it's not that Paris doesn't have anything that is ride or land specific, it's just what they do have is so limited, and nowhere near the quality offered by other parks. In Disneyland Paris, I might be able to pick up an attraction pin (though half the set are now not restocked and the set doesn't include all attractions) or perhaps a t-shirt for some of the rides. Comparing that to the other parks it's easy to feel like we drew the short straw, Disneyland Resort and WDW have ride specific Spirit Jerseys, Haunted Mansion in WDW has its own shop selling ride specific stuff. You can grab salt and pepper shakers themed to the bins of each land, monorail highlighters and socks. And if all of that wasn't enough how about a whole line of merch just based on the Yeti from Expedition Everest? Most of us have a favourite ride, so it's not unrealistic to imagine we'd spend our hard earned money on pretty much anything that helps us rep our favourite!


Pictures from Pennie K and David at Disney

3. Plush Pass holders.

I can't be 100% in which park they originated, but I first became aware of these when I started looking at what the Asian parks had to offer, why wear a fairly boring lanyard when you can have a super cute plush around your neck instead?! These come in a variety of different designs featuring some of our favourite characters and also some interesting takes on park food, Mickey burger pass holder anyone? I actually have a Stella Lou one of these which I bought on eBay (yes I know it's probably fake and I'm ok with it) and I'm so glad I got one. Not only are they super cute and give me yet another way of showing off my love for the super cute ballet bunny but they're surprisingly practical, it has a card sized pouch on the back where I can put my AP, my Photopass and any fast passes I might have, but it also has a bigger zip up pocket on the back so I can pop in some cash and a bank card for quick purchases. I still carry a park bag and do pop my pass holder inside when I'm on bigger rides, but I love having such easy access to the things I need to grab most often and I'm confident these would sell well in Paris.

2. Park Exclusive Funko Pops.

Maybe it's only me who has an unhealthy obsession with Funko Pops, but given their popularity in both the UK and the US, I feel like it's unlikely that I'm on my own with my love of these giant headed cartoon style collectables. Made by toy company Funko pops have become increasingly popular in the 3 years I've been collecting them. Different pops are made to represent everything from your favourite films and TV shows to sports teams, musicians, and even the royal family! So it's no surprise that Disney is firmly in on the action, what is perhaps a little more surprising is that despite having a number of park exclusive pop figures in the US parks, Paris doesn't seem to have any. I have been lucky enough to get one of the park exclusive models, which is this Figment pop that was introduced to commemorate Epcot's 35th birthday in 2017, this isn't the only exclusive figure either with a Tiki Room 2 pack available, as well as an impressive Splash Mountain pop rides model to mention just a few. I'm willing to put my money on these being incredibly popular (excuse the pun) if they ever make it to Paris, if nothing else, I know I would probably bankrupt myself buying them all.

1. AP Holder Merch

Ok so DLP did dip their toes ever so slightly into this one in 2018, but to nowhere near the same scale as their US counterparts. In Paris we got a pin, some T-shirts, 2 lanyards and a mug, all featured the very basic pass holder or Infinity logos, not only were the designs very very basic (and in my opinion not very nice) but the items were available to everyone regardless of them being or not being a pass holder. This meant the items sold out quickly and didn't have the exclusive feel. In the US pass holders can pick up a lot more merchandise, some are available all year round such as the magnet, and some are seasonal or for specific events. For example at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party, pass holders can pick up an exclusive T-shirt and Pin both with a different design to the main event T-shirt and Pin.


Pictures from Pennie K and David at Disney

So that's my list for now, what about you? Is there something I've mentioned you agree with, or something I've missed off? Drop me a comment below!

Hoodsie xx

Hi Guys!

With 2018 over it's easy to look back over what has happened in the last 12 months, the trips we've made, the things we've experienced and the people we've shared all of it with. But it's not just a time for looking back, as the new year begins I, like many others no doubt, find myself looking forward to 2019 and all the new adventures it will bring.

In particular, I am of course talking about Disney adventures, I have my big trip across the pond in November, but before that there's so much I'm looking forward to that are a little closer to home. Disneyland Paris has announced their main seasons and some of their key events for 2019 already, so take a seat as I sift through all the news to pick out the bits I am most excited for.

In no particular order ... 

The return of the festival of pirates and princesses.

This gem of a season was the unexpected people's favourite of 2018, replacing the much-loved swing into spring celebration. Pirates and princesses exploded on to the scene in a flash mob of bright colours and dance-offs. It truly caught the heart of guests who picked their side last spring, so much so that in June at Fandaze Catherine Powell promised fans it would return for 2019. This year the season has a much earlier time slot of January - March, and I'm looking forward to banishing the January blues with the catchy soundtrack and some of my favourite Neverland friends.

Prince Mickey on Parade

Pirate Minnie and Jake on Parade

Magical Pride.

This is being held on Saturday June first in the Walt Disney Studios park and will be a hard ticketed event. I imagine this is going to be similar to things like the annual pass holder nights and will include access to attractions, character meet and greets as well as entertainment throughout the evening. A special parade is also being put on for the event as well as things like photo locations. Tickets are already on sale with a standard ticket for an adult coming in at £78.28 and a plus ticket selling for £95.87 on DLP's official website.

Annual Pass holder nights.

Kicking off in March 2018 Disneyland Paris offered its annual pass holders a new way to enjoy the parks with the introduction of AP nights. These themed events were available exclusively to varying tiers of pass holders and were sold as hard ticket events. In total 2018 saw 4 AP nights, each with its own theme, that allowed guests access to a quieter park with special character meets, shows and parades. These proved so popular that they have been renewed for 2019 with 1 event planned per quarter. During 2018 I only managed to attend 1 AP night which was the Marvel night, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope that I am able to make it to at least 1 event this year. The first has already been announced as Pirates and Princesses and will take place on March 22nd!

Abu and Genie meet at Marvel AP Night

Run Disney.

Or magical run weekend or whatever other name they've given it this year! Yes it's not new for 2019, and yes it's something I've done before, but I'm still really excited about it. This year will be the 4th annual run weekend at Disneyland Paris, from humble beginnings of just kids race a 5km and a half marathon, the event has since grown to include a 10 km race and 31 & 36 km challenges too. This is probably one of my favourite weekends of the year, sure it's tough both physically and mentally, it's exhausting and can be just a little bit stressful. But when its all over I just feel an immense amount of pride that I've managed to do it. I love running through the parks and the surrounding countryside, I love seeing everyone's' super creative costumes and most of all I love meeting all the rare and unusual characters! This year more than ever I'm determined to be the best I can be in time for the half marathon, so this definitely won't be the last you hear about it from me!

The Walt Disney Studios Expansion.

I know what you're about to say, there won't be much, if anything, physical to see from the expansion in 2019. Well, probably not. But that said I am so excited for everything about this expansion and if nothing else, I'm willing to bet 2019 is going to be full of news, rumours, concept art and planning permission docs for us to pour over in an unhealthy amount of detail. I'm looking forward to seeing galaxy's Edge open in both Florida and California, giving us a glimpse of what we might expect in our version, finding out more about planned attractions and shows for Arrendelle. Basically, the expansion is one to watch in 2019.

The re-opening of Phantom Manor.

Ok, this is a tough one because as it stands, we don't actually know when the manor will open its doors again. It closed in January 2018 for a full refurbishment and since then its reopening date has been pushed back a few times. We don't know a huge amount of detail about the refurbishment, but with the main gardens outside having now re-opened, we can hope the official opening day isn't too far away. We know so far that the Vincent Price audio for the stretching room is due to return, we have been given some teaser images from DLP, which you can see below, that show the bride has a bigger presence in the re-imagined ride, and we can see from the gardens some sort of Fast pass functionality has been added. Hopefully, the manor will be welcoming guests again soon and I for one, can't wait for more happy haunts in the town of Thunder Mesa.

My First stay at Davy Crockett Ranch.

So yes, this one is a bit self-serving, but hey - it's my list! Starting the year off the right way my first DLP trip is all booked up for the end of January, and as well as welcoming in the new year with a dose of both the festival of pirates and princesses in the main park and the legend of the force in the studios, this trip also marks my first stay at the Davy Crockett Ranch. This is my 6th Disneyland Paris hotel that I've stayed in and leaves only the Disneyland Hotel itself on my list to try. DCR is self-drive accommodation and is made up of individual forest bungalows and has a wood cabin feel to it, it's a hotel I've wanted to try for ages, but being self-drive makes it slightly less accessible perhaps than the other hotels. Having conquered my fears of driving in France, it seemed inevitable that a stay here was on the cards and I'm so glad it is finally happening.

So that's my list, what about you? Is there something you're looking forward to that's on my list, or something you're excited for I haven't included? Drop me a comment below!

Hoodsie xx