Disney Dictionary

Ever read a review or a trip of a restaurant and been confused by some of the words and acronyms? Panic no more! this is where i'm going to try and compile some of the most popular to make it easier for everyone to understand whats going on!


ADC - Auberge de Cendrillion - This is the Dining with the princesses and is located in fantasy land by the carousel.

AP - Annual pass - This is an annual ticket to the Disney parks, there are 3 different versions available and as well as covering your entry to both parks for 365 days, each one has some additional perks such as shop and dining discounts!

BBWWS - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show - This is a dining show based in the Disney Village next to the cinema, it includes a meal and a live cowboy themed show, there are 2 showings one at 6:30 and one at 9:30, it is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

CM - Cast member - Any Disneyland Employee, don't forget to say hi, and if you have a good interaction with one, you can leave them positive feedback at City Hall!

EMH - Extra magic hours - sometimes called early magic hours, this is the two hours before the parks official opening 8am - 10am where anyone staying in an on site hotel can access the park. Usually this is only for the main Disneyland park, but can some times be held in the Walt Disney studios park. EMH is also available to Annual pass holders and shareholders.

FP - Fast pass - A ticket which allows you to skip the queue for a ride or join a significantly shorter one. There are a number of ways to get these, rides with a fast pass ticket machine are marked on the park map.

Inventions - A character dining restaurant in the Disneyland Hotel, characters can be seen at both lunch and dinner daily, and on Sundays a special themed brunch is available at Lunch time where all of the characters there relate to a specific theme, or are dressed to this theme, this is a buffet restaurant.

PP - Princess Pavillion - located in fantasy land next to It's a small world this is the meet and greet location for the majority of the Disney princesses, there are 2 separate rooms where you can have a one on one meet with a princess. Photo pass photographers are common here.




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