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I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone, but I've been waiting months for this film, so of course I had to get tickets for opening weekend, unfortunately I couldn't make the first day work, but boy was it worth the wait! And as always I've decided to share my thoughts on the film with you, I'll try and keep it spoiler free, and despite being a huge Cars fan I'll try and give a fair review of both positive and negative aspects.

First of all, the animated short, Lou. I really enjoyed this story, my favourite thing about the animated shorts is when they tell such an in depth story without any dialogue, just from the way the characters move and carry themselves and their expressions, teamed with an emotive backing track, can really get across the point and constantly leaves me glued to the screen and a little amazed, Lou is certainly no exception to this.

Now the first thing I noticed about cars 3 itself, was that where our favourite friends from the first movie were back for cars 3, none of the characters introduced in cars 2 made a repeat appearance, now even as a huge cars fan I can admit cars 2 wasn't great, I didn't hate it and I have re watched it, but it certainly doesn't live up to the first cars film at all, was this a deliberate decision by Pixar to bypass the second film and make no reference to it ever happening? Or was it simply that those characters didn't fit? We'll never know for sure but I'd be surprised if that didn't come into it.

Radiator Springs

We find ourselves back in a more familiar setting, following Lightning McQueen racing towards his next piston cup, of course the world has moved on a little and instead of competing with the likes of Chick Hicks and the King Strip Weathers, Lightning now has some new racing friends, they're the top cars on the circuit and you can tell they have a great time pranking each other and fighting for each win.

That is until a new race car joins the field, rookie Jackson Storm is part of a new age of race car, more technologically advanced than ever before, Lightning is not one to be beaten without a fight though, he pushes himself to the limit against Jackson, but suddenly he blows a tyre and it all goes horribly wrong.

Jackson Storm.jpg

4 Months later we find our hero back in radiator springs recovering from the crash, he doesn't want this to be the end of his career like it was for his mentor Doc Hudson, however the racing world has changed a lot in the time Lightning has been away and Jackson isn't his only high tech new age rival now. Rusty and Dusty the owners of Rusteze decide to sell Rusteze to give lightning the best chance and best training to allow him to get back to top form. This is where we meet Sterling the new owner, and Cruz who trains all the cars.

Lightning McQueen

Cruz and Lightning have a rocky start, she's incredibly lively and up beat but is also aware that lightning isn't the young rookie he once was, Lightning wanting to push himself takes things a little too far with some of the new equipment and is eventually given one last chance by Sterling, Lose the next race and he'll be forced to retire, win and he'll get to decide when to end his racing career. As it's his last chance lightning takes Cruz and teaches her how to train and race his way, and their friendship grows from strength to strength as they train for the big race, but will it be enough?

Cruz Ramirez

I really enjoyed the story, though at times it felt a little predictable and little re-used it was a good solid story with plenty to get emotionally invested in. I loved that our friends from radiator springs were included, but that we got new characters who felt strangely familiar right from the start because they fitted in so well.

The animation is truly stunning, and at times it was possible to believe you were watching real race cars, I was hugely impressed with the quality and some of the effects, especially during Lightning's crash scene. Especially with them racing on different terrains etc it was a good chance to show off all the different animation possibilities.

The soundtrack was also something that I really liked in this film, though I'm not sure I'll be signing along quite like the first film I did think it was incredible and I'll definitely look to purchase the sound track soon! I loved the instrumental parts that conveyed so much emotion without the need for lyrics, and I hope these will all be included on the CD soundtrack as it is those I want most.

Out of the new characters Cruz is definitely my favourite, and I guess I do see a lot of myself in her, the Disney store sell an awesome plush of her so that will be going on the wish list for sure. I also liked the return of some lesser known characters, in particular Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip the two commentators.

The film does have a post credits sequence which truly is right at the end of the credits, it features Mater and although it was a fun touch, it's not necessarily something I would stay behind for on every viewing, I love that Disney have started to continue these as the Marvel films do, though I'm never sure if I should wait or not!


Overall I really really enjoyed this film, and most of all I'm glad cars went back to radiator springs and back to it's roots, Cars 2 really could have been so much more, and is the weak link of the trilogy and I was a little apprehensive before I saw cars 3 that it could so easily go the same way.

I found the story to be emotional and compelling with a strong moral message, even if it was in parts a little predictable, I love that they brought back the original characters but i would have loved to see more of Mater and Sally.


Have you seen Cars 3 yet, are you going soon, let me know!

Hoodsie xx

*Please note: All images taken from the Pixar Website*
Hey Guys!

Wasn't expecting to blog today, I'm seeing Cars 3 this weekend so expected a review of that to be my next post, but then I received such a wonderfully thoughtful gift this morning I just couldn't not share it.

Meet Sophie Jo, one of the many friends who I've made from my time in the Disney Community You can find her on Instagram and also Twitter and shes not only a wonderful lady and a huge Disney fan, but she's an incredible writer too.

I recently got a copy of her book "kids grown up" a collection of poems inspired by Disney, and I totally love it, this morning she posted one of her poems on Instagram, and jokingly I asked if she would write a poem about Duffy Bear, I was totally shocked when a short while later, this arrived in my inbox!

I think we can all agree that this is amazing and perfectly captures my friendship with a little bear from Disneyland and I am so so so thankful for it, and the time Sophie put into doing this for us!

If you'd like to pick up your own copy of Kids grown up you can do so at her big cartel shop. In the mean time why not give her a follow and see the rest of her work, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks again Sophie, From Duffy, Shellie-May, Gelatoni and I

Hoodsie xx
Hi Guys,

Here's one that's basically written about you guys for you guys, so I really hope you enjoy it, and I also hope I don't offend anyone! (Hey it happens some times, the written word can be difficult)

The Disney community is something that's become such a huge part of my life in the last 12 months especially, and it means different things to different people, recently it's been getting some pretty negative press, so I thought I'd try and put my opinions on the matter into some sort of coherent order.

Community is defined as "A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common." and also "The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common" , simply put, we all like Disney, or theme parks, or possibly a combination of the two, and this has brought us together.

"It was all started by a mouse"

Except, in my case, it was all started by a little bear called Duffy, that's when I really became involved in things, where this blog and my twitter account were born from. Suddenly I realised there were a whole bunch of other people who Loved Disney, and Disneyland Paris the way I did, and even better they all wanted to talk about it, share experiences and pictures and videos! It was perfect.


"You've got a friend in me"

When I started this blog, and made my twitter, and gradually found my feet and started talking to some of the most wonderful people, I never honestly thought i'd end up meeting them in real life, let alone building some of the friendships I have. I guess that was what surprised me most, I think I started tweeting from my Disney account in Late march, after an amazing day trip to DLP when I finally brought Duffy home. as my confidence grew I started talking to more people, getting involved with the Dedicated to DLP podcast, and eventually Periscope too, talking to these people, though they were just pictures on a screen, became something that made me increasingly happier, it gave me a sense of belonging and acceptance. then in August it was finally time to start meeting people away from the screens.

Disney meet ups started to become a more regular occurrence across the community, a way to get out from behind the screen and meet people who live close (ish) to you and get to know them beyond the realms of twitter. Before Long my friend Brian decided it was time to bring a Disney meet to the southwest, and in August 2016 we all met up for the first Disney Southwest MU in Bristol, we shopped, had lunch, and even squeezed in a round of adventure golf! Though I was incredibly nervous to begin with, by the end of the day I knew I'd made some really good friends, I've been to a few south west meets, and even some in London since, I'd love to make it to Manchester one time to see some of my northern friends, but it's a rather long day out so we'll see.

"Ohana means family"

The real turning point though, was my Halloween trip to Disneyland Paris, affectionately named DLP Boo. What started as a trip to the Halloween soiree with a few friends, ended up as a chance to meet so many people from twitter that I'd been speaking to for months, and although I was super super nervous, it was actually the best trip with some of the most memorable moments!


Meeting friends from online in real life is always a bit scary, but when you're all brought together by your love of Disney, and you meet at a Disney park, suddenly everything seems a whole bunch easier. Maybe it's because it's such a happy place, and somewhere I feel a bit more comfortable to be "me", no one judges me for having my Duffy bear, I can dress as Disney as possible and I don't look out of place. And there's never a shortage of things to talk about!

Getting to meet so many friends in one holiday was such an incredible moment, and now although I don't see some of them often, I love to watch their other trips through photos, blogs and vlogs they share online, and seeing them so happy makes me happy too.

Not only that, but there are a few people I've grown incredibly close to following time spent together in the parks, what started as online friendship, has become real friendship, people I see regularly, that I can talk to daily about literally anything. Those people know who they are, and I hope they know just how much I appreciate them, they really do feel more like family than friends!

"Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them"

Of course, like any other group be that a friendship group, a family or an online community, not everyone is always going to agree with everyone else. Unfortunately recently there have been a few examples of this, and I guess in part this is what prompted me to write this post.

When you feel so much passion about any one subject, it is so easy to want to defend your opinion, and unfortunately this some times comes at the expense of other peoples feelings. I truly believe that 99.9% of the time this isn't an intentional consequence, or certainly not from the people I know in the Disney Community.

Sometimes though, in these events it's easy to get caught up in the moment and miss out on all the really wonderful things people are doing for each other, and I can truly say I've seen and experienced far more of these moments than the bad ones. I've been offered places to stay on multiple occasions, making trips and meet ups possible, I've seen people come together to help get limited edition merchandise from the parks, help with practical day to day things at home, offer a supportive ear to people when they're going through tough times.

I think it's important to look for these moments, recognise them and share them, at the end of the day, that's a far more accurate of the community I joined all that time ago, a community I am a proud part of, and a community that's given me so much when I've been to proud to admit I needed it.

So to every single one of you, who has made me feel so welcome and wanted, thank you.

Hoodsie xxx
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the slightly longer than intended break between posts, unfortunately life just seems to get in the way sometimes and blogging magic and inspiration has been few and far between.

But then, I got two of cutest packages in the post, from Hong Kong and from Tokyo and I thought it was too good an opportunity not to share my new additions with you! Everything was ordered from personal shoppers through Facebook, I don't want to post the details publicly, but if you're interested drop me a line on twitter or Instagram and I'll try to help!

The first new arrival this month is the inspiration for the rest of my unintended splurge, it's something I've wanted for such a long time, and I really didn't know how or when I'd be able to add him to our little fur family! That's right guys you've probably seen on my twitter and Instagram right now but I finally got to welcome Gelatoni home!

Isn't he great! He's so much softer and cuter in person than I ever could have imagined and his little paws are too adorable. He's quite a bit smaller than Duffy and Shellie-May so unfortunately we won't be sharing many outfits, but over all I'm so so happy with him!

Once Gelatoni arrived it was clear he was going to need something to wear which brings me on to our next item, this outfit is from Hong Kong Disneyland and is so so cute, the little dungarees are really cute but my favourite is his bandana of course I got him dressed in this straight away and I'm looking forward to getting some shots of him in the parks in this adorable outfit!

As I was already ordering from Hong Kong it seemed like a good time to pick up a few more little goodies, and I took the opportunity to expand my pin collection with these three pins! The wheels on the Duffy and Shellie pins spin, and now that we have Gelatoni it seemed only right to get a pin of him too! I think a Duffy and friends lanyard will have to be next on my list so that I can display them all together somewhere!

So that's my Asian parks haul! It's not too much but I'm so so happy with it all, especially as this is mostly items I never really thought I would get! A huge thank you to everyone who made ordering these things possible!

What's next on your wishlist are you ordering from parks you haven't visited yet? Drop me a comment and let's chat!

Hoodsie xx