Ho Ho Ho!

Hi Guys, happy December! Hope you're all starting to feel festive and have lots of super fun Christmas activities and time with friends and family to look forward to. I decided I'd like to do my part to spread a little extra Christmas cheer by looking at some of my highlights from this years festive entertainment at my happiest place on Earth, Disneyland Paris!

So today we start with "La Parade de Noel Disney" or if you prefer "Disney's Christmas Parade", travelling the main parade route in Parc Disneyland its performed twice a day (Usually 11:50am and 1:15 pm) and is the perfect way to get you in the mood for Christmas right from the word go.

Now if you visited the park last year during the Christmas season, there's probably not a whole lot new going on to surprise you, other than a new song. Now I'm really sad to see the Toy Land song go, but fear not Christmas fans, I can confirm it is in use elsewhere this holiday season, and it's replacement "Christmas is here" is absolutely fab, in fact I'm listening to it now while I write this and it's so festive and I really love it, it's a great successor.


The parade starts with Goofy and his troop of toy soldiers leading out the first float, I love Goofy's outfit for this as it reminds me so much of Timothy Mouse from Dumbo. The first  float has no other than Mickey, Minnie Donald and Tinkerbell, in her first parade appearance since Magic on parade ended in March. The float has a giant Christmas tree with Tink at the top, and Donald playing the drums beautifully at the bottom, Mickey and Minnie have centre stage in the middle of the float with their hymn sheet.

Mickey and Minnie xmas float.JPG

Next the Gingerbread Mickey's and their candy dancers lead out a Mrs Claus' kitchen/Gingerbread House themed float with Chip, Dale, Clarice and Daisy Duck. In particular I love the girls outfits, they're gorgeous and totally compliment their sassy styles and personalities. The boys look adorable as ever in their little chef outfits and as always are ready to cause trouble.


Next up the 100 acre wood gang have decided to help deliver all the Christmas post, and I don't think they've ever looked more adorable! I really love these outfits/accessories even though they're so simple, and being on foot the 100 acre wood gang are probably your best bet of getting interaction which I love. Tigger noticed Katie H's orange scarf and came bouncing over to give her a hug which was really sweet! The postmen and women with them are also super interactive and came over to see Duffy and I which we love!

Christmas 100 acre woods

The toy factory float is the next up. This was a new addition to the Christmas parade in 2016 and is now home to Donald's 3 nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Now this float really is huge, I mean I don't know who designs DLP's floats at the moment but they clearly believe that bigger is better, as in the same way all the Stars on Parade floats are huge the toy factory float is just phenomenal! I like how colourful and bright this float is, especially as winter days can often be dark and overcast it's really nice to have something so bright to contrast with it. However what I don't like so much about the float is that the nephews are so high up that if you're watching from the front by the rope (because where else would you find me during a parade?!) it's difficult to get a good view of them and even more difficult to get any sort of decent photo, my only complaint really.

Toy factory

Next the 3 Little Pigs - Fiddler, Fifer and Practical pig - lead out the toy story float. I've fallen a bit in love with the three pigs since meeting them at Run Disney, so it was lovely to see them out again causing mischief, and I loved the dancers with them who were squirting bubbles at us! The toy story float follows and as much as I love Toy Story (I mean who doesn’t right?!), I’ve got to be honest and say I don’t really feel like this float fits in so much with the rest. But I'm not gunna turn down the chance to see my favourite cow girl and all her friends and I do like the Christmas wrapping on the bucket of toys!


Some dancers dressed as toys follow the toy story float. The boat is my absolute favourite and I do think these outfits are particularly cute and clever. They lead on to what I can only describe as a snow mountain float, which has Max and Clarabelle at the front, Pluto at the top in his little snowy dog kennel and Horace on the back. This was another of the new floats from last year and I really like it, although I don’t think I’ll ever get over how high up Pluto is! What a brave pup! Around the side of the float are snowmen that light up and the float as a whole makes such a good impression. It’s such a big part of the parade for me and you can see it coming before it gets to you and I love that.


And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas at all without an appearance from jolly St Nick, which brings us to the last float - Santa’s magical sleigh. Some beautiful Christmas tree dancers lead the way and the flying Reindeer follow pulling Santa’s sleigh where we find not only the king of Christmas himself, but two of his cheeky Elves too.


And in my opinion who better to close the Christmas parade than my favourite fluffy friend Duffy Bear in his adorable Christmas outfit. He’s on the back of Santa’s sleigh waving to all the boys and girls and blowing kisses to everyone.

IMG_2790This really was one of the highlights of my Christmas trip and one I'd definitely recommend making time for at least once if you're visiting during the Christmas season. If however you're not visiting, or you're like me and just can't get enough of it, why not check out this video from our friends DLRPFans on Youtube.

Hoodsie xxx

Special thanks to PennieK and DavidAtDisney for letting me use their photos - Find them on Twitter