Disneyland Paris Spring Haul 2018

Hey guys!

We've had the longest day of the year, the sun is out the mercury is rising and summer is well and truly here! So this is probably a good time to have a spring Disney haul! I would usually do this a trip at a time, but with 3 trips all within a few weeks of each other this year, I just never found the time. So here's one big bumper edition of what I bought in Disneyland Paris this spring, enjoy!

Lets start with whats probably the biggest section, pins. Over the last few trips pins have become probably my biggest guilty pleasure, I don't even really know why, I guess out of all the merch you can buy, they seem like the best compromise between something that will last, doesn't take up too much space, and isn't too expensive. I tend to collect most hotel pins, dated pins, Duffy and friends, toy story and peter pan, but the truth is I'll pretty much find a way to justify anything I think is totally cute.

Pins are sold in most of the shops across the resort and range from €6.99 upwards, most standard pins tend to go up to about €12.99 but limited editions can be more expensive! I also recently started to take more of an interest in pin trading, and in May I traded my first pin at DLP, this is something I am hoping to do more of, and will cover in more detail separately. My go to shops for pins tend to be World of Disney and the Disney store in the village, Studio One store in the studios park, and then in Disneyland Park I like to visit Harringtons and the Emporium on Main Street, Constellations in Discoveryland and Pueblos trading post in Frontierland.

So what pins have I added to my collection? I picked up both the Sequoia Lodge and hotel New York pins to commemorate my first stay in each hotel, these were in the Yellow price band which I believe is €9.99 each. I picked up The new annual pass pin for €6.99, a pin from the new Paris range and then a 2018 booster pack for €18.99 which I split between myself, Sophie, Katie H and Gabi as I preferred these designs over any of the stand alone 2018 pins.

For my Toy Story collection I added the Buzz and Woody, Jessie and Bullseye, Buttercup and Little green alien pins, there were all in the green price band which is €6.99 each. From the same price band I also added to my Neverland collection with new Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Jake pins which were released in March for the festival of pirates and princesses. When I went back in may we visited on a weekend so were able to go to Pueblos trading post where they had a few of the limited edition Jake pirates and princess pins left from earlier in the month, I felt really lucky to get this as there were only 700 of these pins made, it was a little more expensive at €15.99 but I did get my annual pass discount off the cost.

I got 2 attraction pins, Ratatouille, because I love the ride and chef Remy is super cute! And then Hyperspace Mountain, which Sophie actually bought for me in May when I faced my fear and finally rode it for the first time! These were in the orange price band alongside this Aurora and Philip couples pin, so they were all €7.99 each before any discounts. The final three odd pins I picked up for myself were the flowers and princesses Aurora, the new happy Dumbo, and this Hiro and Baymax pin, again these were all in the green price band at €6.99 each.

If all those pins weren't enough I did pick up a few other bits for myself. During my FanDaze trip in June I got two new sets of ears, both released at Paris for the event. The Oswald ears were €12.99 I think, and were just too cute and unique to resist, I initially thought these were exclusive to Paris, but I think you can get them elsewhere, possibly in the Asian parks? Either way I'm still really happy with them and glad I picked them up. The second set are exclusive to Paris as far as I know and are these beautiful blue and gold sequin Minnie ears. What I love about these is that they're not over FanDaze branded, they used the colour scheme, but don't have the name or any other logo on, which means they can be worn with a lot more! The colours also really remind me of princess Jasmine, so would be perfect if you wanted to wear them as part of a Disneybound of her!

I also picked up this really cute Minnie Mouse Stars on Parade top from the shop in the front lot of the studios. Now the top is a ladies, so it does have more of a fitted style than tops I would usually buy or feel most comfortable in, but I really liked the design so I decided to give it a go. Now I am usually a UK 10 in tops, possibly the occasional 12 depending on style and fit, to get this top in a comfortable size where the print wouldn't stretch I had to purchase a large. It's something that I'm learning shouldn't bother me, its just a letter printed on a top, but I just wanted to give an idea as to the running size of these tops, had i not held it up against me to check I would definitely have bought the wrong size! This was €19.99 before discount, which I thought was quite reasonable, it also doesn't appear to have shrunk in the wash at all which other DLP tops have done in the past.

The final thing I wanted to share was my Peter Pan Tsumtsums, now I'm not a huge collector of Tsums, I've always just bought the ones or the set I liked most and that's usually the ones with the cute animals! But Peter Pan is one of my favourite classic Disney characters so when they released a second set of tsums I just couldn't walk away without them. This set has the characters all dressed as Indians like Tiger Lily and the Chief. Sure there are some questions about how appropriate they are in what they represent, but I decided this was something I really wanted for my collection, they were €5.99 each and I'm really happy with them, the set includes Tiger Lily, The Chief, Peter, Wendy, John and Michael.

I did pick up a few other bits over the trips but these were either for Lilo with her money, or pick ups and gifts for others, so I decided not to include them! There was so much more I could have easily bought, but there will always be other trips, so maybe I'll have another haul for you soon. Hope you've enjoyed seeing what I have been buying though, if you have any questions, as always please feel free to drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx


  1. I love the Dumbo, and Aurora pins! Looking at them all makes me want to start pin collecting again, but it is not exactly the cheapest of Disney hobbies.

  2. Deffo not the cheapest! But I love them so much!

  3. Yeah, I do too. I think I might start looking again at some of the pins the Disney Store has on offer as I won't be going to DLP anytime soon.

  4. Those blue and gold ears are GORGEOUS! As usual I'm trying not to dip too heavily into pin life because I'll go mad! But I do so love those attraction and hotel pins!