Disneyland Paris Trip report - September 2017 Day 2

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Back again!

If you need to catch up with Day 1 please do, otherwise lets jump straight back into the trip with day 2, Friday September 22nd.

5K day! As the 5 Km race has been moved to the evening this year, we still had a whole day of fun in the parks before we needed to think about running! As we knew we had a long day and a late night ahead of us we didn't rush to get into the parks for EMH and instead got to the studios around opening time, we stopped inside studio one to grab a 25th donut each for breakfast (healthy right?!) and then made out way over to meet Buzz Lightyear.

As I decided to run the 5 Km as Jessie again, I stuck to a Jessie bound for the whole day and teamed it with my Buzz Vans backpack from Asos, My custom ears from MakeWearPlay and My alien Toy story vans from Schuh Duffy dressed as woody to meet Buzz and later had a costume change into his Buzz suit to meet Woody and Jessie. The extra interaction gained from this was 100% worth it for me, and they are some of my favourite meets.

While we were in the studios we also checked out Cars Quatre Roues Rallye and Ratatouille, we were even lucky enough to bump into Simon and Lisa, who have a YouTube channel, who let us use their fast passes for ratatouille. Again thank you guys so so much for this gesture!

After the studios it was time to park hop and go back over to frontier land to find Woody who was lots of fun as usual, grabbed some more Halloween photos too, the decorations are really looking amazing, and although I am a bit sad most of Halloween seems to be confined to Frontier land this year, I can't deny they have made a really, really good job of it!

After meeting Woody there was a few hours break before Jessie was due out so this gave us chance to watch the Happy Anniversary show on castle stage which is one of my favourites, we also got waffles from the old mill in fantasy land to tide us over on the food front!

Soon enough it was time to go back to find Jessie, and her meet did not disappoint at all, she loved my outfit and all the toy story accessories, especially my alien vans which she tried to steal using "the claw" my only disappointment is that there's hardly ever a photo pass photographer here which seems like such a shame, but the CMs were more than happy to take photos on my phone to capture the moment!

After we saw Jessie we popped back to the expo at the back of Disney village to sort out our photo pass for the runs as you can't use your normal pass one and they have to be linked to at least one of your bibs, then we had a late lunch/early dinner at Vapiano for some last min carb loading before the 5km.

We walked the short distance back to the Hi Park and got ready for our first race and Sophie's first ever 5Km!

And on that juicy note, I'll leave you there for today, the race and opening party deserve a post of their own so that's whats coming up next, as always you can subscribe on the right hand menu so you don't miss the next part, and you can drop your comments down below because they make me really happy!

Hoodsie xx

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  1. I know some of the disney hotels do character meets, i wanted to book maybe the inventions restaurant in the disney hotel when we go next year, do you know if they have information as to what times and days for dinner the character meets usually are or it is just pot luck? we are only staying for 2 nights so would have loads of time to do the meet and greets in the park. thanks again :)