Disneyland Paris Trip Report - Run Disney 2017 5 Km

Hey Guys!

Thanks for sticking with me through this trip report so far, its great to be able to re live everything and share the memories so hopefully you're all enjoying it as much as I am, remember if there's anything extra you wanna see or know about, please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to sort it!

To carry on from where we left off with Day 2, we had gone back to the Hi Park hotel for a quick rest and to get changed into our race outfits for the evening. It was a short walk back to the parks and this served as the perfect warm up, if only we hadn't had such a long wait in our corrals for the race.

I had been allocated Corral B and Sophie had been given C, as it was her first ever Run Disney event, and even more impressive her first ever 5 km, and I feel like I may have sort have influenced her decision to come, there was no way I was letting her start alone, so we got there nice and early allowing me to drop down to C but be right near the front ready to start.

 I think that's a top bit of advice actually, the further back your start corral, the earlier you want to look at getting there, its worth it just to get a head start on the character queues! Don't worry there's plenty of entertainment while you wait, and porta potties if you need them!

There were a few changes to the 5 Km race for the second edition of the DLP run weekend, firstly this was now an evening race on the Friday rather than a morning race on Saturday (which is obviously to allow for the addition of a 10 Km course), secondly the 5 Km course is now solely confined to the Studio's park, which I think is a real shame, especially for people who aren't running the other races, and children who won't get to run through our beautiful, iconic castle. All races now finish in the Studios park (I really love this change) and finally, the start line for the 5 Km is now around Lake Disney!

Because of the change to the starting place there wasn't really room in the corrals for video screens showing the pre race warm up, so instead the team were sent out on to lake Disney on a floating stage complete with speakers, I actually thought this was a really fun touch and it ensured everyone queuing around the lake had a chance to get involved.

After getting all warmed up it was time for the race to start, the route first took us through Disney village, now because of the 8pm start time on a Friday night, you can imagine the village was pretty packed, and although it created an amazing feel to run through, I'm not sure how practical it was in terms of guest flow within the village for non runners, a great deal of which I imagine booked their trips without even knowing about the races that weekend! Bet that was a bit of a surprise!

After Disney village it was into the studios, the first character stop was in front lot, when we arrived it was Cinderella and Prince Charming, however looking at photos others had on the course it looks like Belle and Beast were also meeting at this point too, It's a shame we missed them, especially as Sophie was running as Belle, but we were still happy just to be there. We decided not to stop for this photo op as the queue was quite long and we hoped we'd find someone better along the way.

We ran through Studio One and took a right towards toon town, outside Art of Animation was our second photo op for the evening and this was one I wasn't missing! It was Quasimodo and Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre dame, Frollo is often out at Halloween so I have managed to meet him before, however the rest of the Hunchback gang are very rarely out, and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever seen Quasi in my 7 years of visiting the resort!

After our photo stop we ran past crushes coaster and the cars ride, where the cast member support was really really great - Thank you so much! We ran into Place de Remy, where the Aristocat Kittens were meeting, I seem to remember the queue for them being quite long when we arrived, but honestly, my biggest regret of the weekend is probably not queuing for them at this point!

We ran under the tunnel and into Toy story Playland, which honestly, looks it's very best at night time, and from there we ran towards the tram tour. The route took us on a huge lap of the tram tour and it was really surreal to run so far out but still not really be backstage. About half way round our next photo op presented its self, Gaston, looking like he was in the middle of the forest ready to hunt the beast! As Sophie was dressed as Belle, and we were making good time, stopping for Gaston was a must, and the queue was quite short and moving quickly anyway!

Close to Gaston there was another photo op but with no characters? It was a set with large flowers that I had a suspicion might be for use later in the weekend, but I guess it was a cool background and there were plenty of people getting a snap there!

We ran around the Catastrophe Canyon part of the tram tour which took us quite far out, and it was quite surreal to see it up close, the final photo op of the course was in the stunt show, where Remy and Emile were having photos with their Stars n Cars vehicle, this was a photo op I really wanted having missed them at last years race, and still having never met Emile. The queue was quite long but it was moving so we decided to chance it. Unfortunately we were just too late and by the time we were getting to the last 3rd of the queue the CM said that the rats had to go but we could stay and have a picture with the car.

We decided a photo with just the car would be too painful so skipped it, Sophie did get this photo of me with the rats in the background and I think it's clear how disappointed I was to be missing them again, fingers crossed one year I'll get there in enough time!

Aft the tram tour we ran the final straight past Armageddon towards the much missed Cinemagique! Crossing the finish line and getting your medal in any race is always special, but I think for me, this 5km is one I'll remember for a long time, running it with Sophie was amazing, and I can't tell you how proud I am of her!


So that's the 5 Km, 1 race down 2 to go, come back soon as I tell you all about the opening party!



  1. I didn’t know that they got rid of cinemagic

  2. Unfortunately it closed earlier this year! The building is still there and is due to host a new Marvel show in 2018! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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