Disneyland Paris Trip Report - September 2017 Day 5

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Hi Guys =D

I'm a mixture of happy and sad writing this, it's the final day report from my amazing September trip for Run Disney, and reflecting back on everything that happened over the 5 days makes me realise how truly lucky I am to get to visit the place I want to call home so often.

So before I get too snotty and sad, lets crack on with day 5, my solo day of the trip!

Woke up on my last morning at the Hi park and packed up all my stuff and did a last sweep to make sure neither of us had forgotten anything, check out was nice and easy and I actually had a really nice stay, our room was one of the most basic ones which meant we had a sofa bed rather than a proper bed, and our room wasn't cleaned, towels weren't replaced etc, but for what we paid, and the amount of time we actually spent in the room I thought it was brilliant and would definitely stay again, we even had a view of the outdoor pool from our room!

After Checking out I got the shuttle bus to the parks, the walk is actually really short and quite pleasant, and I always felt safe doing it, but with the amount of running/walking I'd already done over the weekend, and having my case and park bag too, I decided to wait the few mins for the free shuttle which stops right outside.

Now I always find solo park days a little weird, anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm not the biggest fan of my own company so at times I do feel a little lost, having said that, when its only one day of a trip, being alone can be quite nice as it lets you  be really selfish and do all the things you want to do without compromise. First up was the end of EMH so I went to meet Donald in his amazing 25th outfit, in the queue I met a lovely couple who also had a Duffy and Shellie May, and between talking to them and the really friendly CM who was minding the queue, the time passed quickly!

After Donald there was a Photo pass photographer on the hub by the castle, so of course i got a photo with my medals here too (got to make the most of them) and then it was over to Adventure Land for a meet with Genie, I was hoping to see Abu as I still don't have his autograph but the CM said he wouldn't be out that day, and Genies queue was short so i went for it.

I got some photos of Duffy in his Peter Pan costume in Adventure Isle and headed back to Town square to meet Daisy duck in her Blue 25th dress, I am such a sucker for their new costumes, and compare to the weekend the queues were very manageable so I made the most of it, I showed her my medals and we talked about Donald for a while, she's always so much fun to meet.

Next I decided to see who was in the princess pavilion, the queues here can often be quite long so it's not something I do every trip, but if the queues aren't bad and depending on the princess it is nice to do and the photos are always lovely. On my way to the pavilion I spotted Pinocchio and Geppetto were meeting outside Bella Notte, and again it was a very short queue, who am I to turn down a character hug so off I went to join the back of the queue, while waiting patiently for my turn Goofy Max and all their friends walked past as they made their way to the castle stay for the Happy Anniversary show, so that was pretty cool! And not long after, all the princesses and their princes ready for the waltz, apparently I was just in the right place at the right time.

It was Aurora in the pavilion once I arrived and the queue was about an hour, she's probably my joint favourite princess along with Anna, so I was very happy to queue and meet her, plus my 10 KM medal had Flora, Fauna and Merryweather on so I wanted to show her, as always in the pavilion I got some great pictures on my photo pass and it was really worth the wait.

After i went back to adventure land to meet Baloo as although I've met him before I've never had his autograph, plus Duffy likes meeting other bears and Baloo gives excellent cuddles, then it was round the corner back into Frontier land for a late lunch at the Lucky Nugget Saloon, and guys, I finally managed to catch one of the puppet shows! Only took me just over a year since they started in May 2016 the day after we went home, have to say, I'm glad I went and finally saw them, the entertainment in there is so so good, and I love the weird mix of quick service/counter service it made for a really pleasant meal at a good price, I would definitely recommend this restaurant, especially if you're on a budget but want something that doesn't feel as rushed as some of the other quick service options.

After lunch I went back over to Discovery land where I rode Star Tours, Buzz's lazer blast and I met Darth Vader at the star port, it's certainly one of my favourite meets just for Vader's character and the way he interacts with you, one day I'll get him to give me a cuddle I swear! After that I had time for a little shopping and to take some photos before my last Stars on Parade of the trip, I cannot get over how much I love this parade, and though I do miss elements of Magic on Parade, I'm really enjoying everything Stars on Parade has to offer.

And that brings us to the end of my trip! It was such a lovely, incredible and exhausting trip, I am so proud of Sophie for running her first 5 Km and getting her medal, for all my friends who finished their races too, being able to stand in front of that castle with 4 beautiful (and rather heavy) medals round my neck was a really really special feeling, and you can be sure I'm going to train even harder to come back stronger next time.

Hope you've enjoyed our journey, if there's anything else you'd like to know about my trip or Run Disney please drop me a comment and I'll do my best to help!

Hoodsie xxx


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