Newport Bay Club - Hotel review

Ahoy pals!

So I'm not long back from my Halloween trip and I thought rather than jumping straight in to another 5 day trip report I'd cover off some other things first, and one i really wanted to give it's own spotlight to, was the hotel I stayed in for most of my trip, the Newport Bay club has been somewhere Duffy and I have been dying to try, and we thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on this amazing hotel!

So I checked into the Newport bay early in the morning on the 28th of October, it was around 8:15 am by the time we had checked out of the Kyriad and got an Uber to Newport Bay so our rooms weren't ready but we were able to complete most of the check in process, get our Hotel Easy pass and leave our bags for the day so that we could get back to the park.

One of our first stops was actually the hotel shop and it had a really great range of stuff, a lot was generic parks merchandise which you could get in any of the stores, they they sell some more specific hotel stuff (toiletries etc) and they had some mugs which I think were exclusive to the Newport Bay hotel! The shop was really open and bright and beautifully decorated, it had quite a good selection of items and had a separate photo pass counter too which was great for getting your photo passes sorted when you're not in the parks early in the morning on late in the evening, I guess it also gives you the chance to check all your photos are there before you check out to go home which is super handy!

Each morning there's also one of Mickey's pals, or sometimes Mickey himself in the hotel lobby waiting to meet you and have photos, the queues can get quite long, but it's a great way to get your favourites in their traditional outfits, the queue runs along the side of the shop in the lobby, and when it's your turn you are taken through to a little room at the back of the shop for a private little meet, which is super cute!

We went to the park for a few hours and came back in the afternoon to have a rest as the room was ready from 3pm. For our first night we had a ground floor room in the west wing (or as I call it the only wing ;) ) and although it was quite a walk from reception, I mean I was honestly surprised the rooms even went round that far, the room itself was beautiful and so worth the walk.

We went for a standard room rather than a compass club one, but still our room key card allowed us to have 4 free hot drinks per day from the vending machines, there is supposed to be one on every floor, the ground floor one for the west wing took us ages to find, its actually at the pool, after we eventually did find it, it was out of order so we popped up to the second floor, which had a much more visible machine and were able to get our free drinks there, which were actually really nice!

For the first night I shared with Sophie and Sophie and Katie Snow, they then moved to the Disneyland hotel for the rest of their stay, and I moved into a new room at the Newport Bay, I must point out here that there was nothing at all wrong with our room,we had lovely doors that opened out, a view of the outdoor pool, and despite being a bit of a walk from reception, it was perfect. The reason I changed was that I had made a separate booking for the last 3 days of my stay and this was in a Lake side room, so I really wanted to take advantage of that. My room wasn't ready until 3pm again but this wasn't an issue and I was able to use the hotel luggage storage again for free, this is really handy.

I went back around 8pm on Sunday evening after our meal at Bistrot Chez Remy in the Studios park and was able to get my room with no problems, this time I was on the 3rd floor in the East wing, my room was just as lovely and even had a little sofa pull out bed on top of the two doubles, more than enough for little old me and the baby bears.

My lake view was actually really lovely, in an ideal world I would have liked to have been situated more centrally in the building so that my view was directly towards the hotel New York, but my view from the East wing was just as nice over the lake and across towards the sequoia, unfortunately because of the way the windows open, it was quite difficult to get a nice picture of the view which was the only disappointment with the whole room.

Unfortunately there were a few things I didn't get time to do during my stay, I didn't find the time or energy to use the fitness and swimming facilities, however everything looked really clean, and the staff at the pool were super friendly and helpful when we asked about the drinks machine. The bar was actually closed during my stay due to unforeseen issues, and that was a little disappointing as that's now 13 trips to DLP and I still haven't tried the famous Glowtini, again from what I could see the facilities looked really nice, and it's on my list to go back and try again. Finally I didn't try eating at the restaurant, I had such a short stay with so much to fit in and a tight budget that saw me mostly eating fast food there just wasn't an opportunity on this trip sadly.

Over all though I loved everything the Newport Bay club has to offer, the location the theme the beautiful rooms. I personally can not wait to book another stay here!

Hope this insight into the hotel has be interesting and if you have any questions I’d be happy to try and help just drop them in the comments!

Hoodsie xxx


  1. I’m stopping in a standard lakeside room at the Newport bay soon - do all rooms get free vending machine hot drinks and is it one per person? Thanks!

  2. I was in a standard room and got it it’s 4 drinks per room per day

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