Disneyland Paris Trip Report - September 2017 Day 4

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Hi Guys!

As promised I'm actually back this time and ready to finish of the report of how my Sunday unfolded after the Half Marathon! Now this is something I can't wait to share with you guys as we did some really fun stuff as it was Sophie's last day, so lets jump right in.

After finishing the race and getting my medals, I headed back to the expo, via a quick stop for a finisher photo, now at this point I owe Sophie a public apology because apparently communication was not my strong point and I left her waiting in Fantasia gardens for me with all my stuff and all of her own while I buggered back off to the expo, sorry again Sophie!

Once we met back up at the expo after Sophie dropped her bags at concierge we did a little shopping, now a pro tip I found out at last years expo, is that after the half marathon has been run, a lot of the merchandise gets reduced to 50% off, typically this will be any dated merch other than the pins! So I picked up an I did it half marathon top for myself and an I did it 5 Km top for Sophie and they were only €9.99 each before AP discount which is a bargain! And I was super proud of how much Sophie achieved given how late she decided to sign up especially, she deserved that top! I also picked up the last 2 Run Disney pins, the plain Mickey and Minnie because apparently I have some sort of pin addiction now, oopsie.

After expo we took a slow walk back to the main park as we had about an hour or so before our lunch reservation, we took some really nice photos of our medals in the village, Fantasia gardens and outside the castle, my favourite is the one of both me and Sophie and this is now my home screen on my phone =)

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Once we were done with our impromptu photo shoot it was time for lunch, and this was something I had been looking forward to for pretty much the whole trip, we had booked the Character Brunch in Inventions restaurant in the Disneyland Hotel, it's around €70 per person for adults, and €35 per child from ages 3-11 but it is so worth it if you are a character enthusiast, in addition, if you are an annual passport holder you will get your restaurant discount on top of this.

On a Sunday the lunch meal is a themed Brunch instead of the usual more common characters, and this means you see lots of either rare characters, or unusual outfits and this is why it's so popular, the themes aren't made available in advance in case they need to be changed short notice for any reason however personally I haven't had what I would consider to be a bad one yet. Some themes can be guessed by the time of year (Easter, Christmas etc) and the others are repeated throughout the year.

We were really lucky and we had a good idea what the theme might be for our weekend and thankfully we were right so we were really dressed for the occasion and this just made character interaction even better. We had the Neverland theme and met 9 characters in total, Peter, Wendy, Hook, Smee, Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale and Donald. The VIPs (Mickey etc) were all in amazing pirate themed outfits and Peter and the gang were in their standard park wear. As we're both pretty big Peter Pan fans (though I must admit Sophie gets the crown on this one) we were wearing our custom ears from Queen Ursula UK, Sophie had a Wendy bound and I had my favourite Neverland top from Hot Topic, and of course the Bears weren't left out of the fun, Duffy wore his Peter costume, My Shellie May was Tinkerbell and Sophie's Shellie May was Wendy in a dress Sophie made herself!

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After brunch we didn't have all that much time before Sophie was due to go home so we decided to watch Stars on Parade from town square as it was running early all weekend, I can't explain how much I love this parade, more than I ever thought I would and more and more every time I watch it, It was the perfect end to the time I shared with Sophie on this trip, and I'm so grateful she came.

After the parade I took Sophie to the train station to catch the TGV home and then went into the park for a few solo hours, I did small world, Dumbo, Peter Pan's flight and Pirates before getting a great spot for Illuminations just before it started. After Illuminations I took a slow wander up Main street and took some photos in the dark and then walked back to Hi Park for my last night, over all, it was a really relaxed afternoon after all the running in the morning, but it was perfect, and somehow I still managed over 45,000 steps that day!

So that's the end of Sunday, which leaves just one more day of my trip left to cover, which hopefully should follow pretty soon as I still have all of Halloween to cover, and by the time you're reading this I'll be getting ready for a very brief Xmas trip too!

Once again thanks for following our adventure, Duffy and I love reading all your comments so if you have any questions etc just shout!

Until next time, Hoodsie xx


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