The Road to Run Disney - March 2017

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Hey Guys,

Just like that March is already over, honestly I don't know where the days are going, it really doesn't seem that long ago that I was writing up my February update and now I'm having to remember what I've been doing for the whole of March!

Eat sleep run repeat.

That has pretty much been the mantra for March, and though it hasn't always gone to plan, it's felt good to get out there regularly and feel like i'm making positive progress. I attended 3 Park runs in March, though i was only able to finish 2, sometimes it's important to listen to what your body is telling you and know the difference between something just being difficult, and being in pain because you're about to injure yourself. It took a long time to learn this one, and though I still tend to feel disappointed when i have to pull up in the middle of a run, or leave the gym half way through a session, I'd rather that than the pain of an injury and the lost training time!

So how is park run going? Pretty well actually, the more I stick with it the easier it's getting, and it actually feels really good to know by 10 am on a Saturday, you've already got up and done something good for yourself. Of the two weeks I was able to attend and finish I recorded times of 33:29 (04/03) and 31:23 (25/03) it's still a little distance from my PB and from where I'd like to be, but even in a month you can see the difference training has made! it's really encouraging and keeps me motivated.

Outside of park run I've been running near my house a couple of times a week, it's a shorter run, just under 3km but it's enough to keep me going between park runs and I'm hoping building up the shorter runs will help me increase my fitness levels, and hopefully reduce my 5km times! I tend to run once a week with my friend Jess, and once on my own, and it really helps keep me motivated and also keep a good balance. My 3km time has come down from 19:45 to 18:40, again it's so great to see improvement there too.

Lets get down to business!

Of course, running is only half the battle, as well as pounding the pavement I've been trying to get in the gym more, not only do I need to get my moneys worth from my gym membership, it's important for me to build muscle to help me burn fat faster and also allow my body to become stronger and build my fitness levels.

The gym is going really well currently, and that's down to my lovely personal trainer Claire, she knows how to wind me right up at the best of times, but she's also a huge driving force when I lack confidence and focus.

March saw me push leg days to a whole new level, including 80Kg Calf raises and 100kg leg presses, and boy have I felt the burn! Towards the end of the month I've had a focus on core and upper body strength and I hope to start to see an improvement in these areas during April!

Just keep swimming.

Moving into April more than anything I'm hoping just to stay on top of things and keep moving in the right direction, as I have a 6 day trip to DLP this month for the 25th celebrations I'm losing a bit of training time, and probably not eating so well while im there! So staying on track seems like the best plan, hopefully we'll get news of Run DLP bibs and I'll have something exciting to share.

Hoodsie xx


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