March Disney Haul

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Well guys it's that time again, and this list should hopefully be a little shorter than last months as I've been saving for my DLP trip in just a few weeks time, however this also means there's some great goodies in preparation for my trip! Lets take a look what i shouldn't have spent my money on in march =)


One of those Disney collections that I can't really explain why I need, but also can't seem to stop buying! There's been a few additions this month, the first is a Lightning McQueen pin, this was actually part of a triple pack from the Disney store to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the 3 pack was £14.99 and luckily my lovely friend Soph picked the set including lightning up but was happy to part with him as she knew I was a cars super fan!

I then picked up these two beautiful London pins from the Disney store on Oxford street, I had never really visited London before becoming part of the Disney community, but it's quickly become a huge part of my life, these pins are a really nice reminder for me of the incredible friends I've made recently and all the London adventures we've been on. The one featuring Big Ben was £9.00 and the postage stamp style on was £9.99 and comes with an adorable matching post card, but let's be honest it's far too lovely to actually post to someone!


I've also been able to pick up a few Disney goodies from Primark this month, and again this is entirely down to Sophie who has been so generous and helpful given the two stores in my area are relatively small and are always the last to get stock of anything I want!

The first is the much sought after Chip purse, this little guy retails for £4.00 in store but you'll be lucky to get your hands on him as he's literally flying off the shelves as soon as he hits them, looks like you won't be sleeping in the cupboard much longer chip! Following the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast remake, any merchandise related to it has been super popular, and although it's not my favourite Disney film, I couldn't resist how cute this little guy was and as I was able to pick him up for retail price it was a bargain addition to my collection.

The other awesome item Soph was able to grab for me was this awesome jungle book duvet cover set which I had been lusting after. Growing up jungle book was a film I watched over and over again its a classic and the songs are so catchy, I'd seen this duvet cover set on Facebook but had checked both my local Primark stores a few times with no luck! After missing out on the Christmas set I was determined to get hold of this set so when Soph said she was able to grab it for me i was over the moon! Can't wait too get it on my bed and get all snuggled up under it. The double duvet set is £18 in store, and i was able to pick up a similar "jungle green" fitted sheet in Wilkinsons for £8 and pillow cases for £2, bargain!


Who doesn't like a movie night? March has seen me add 2 new Disney films to my ever growing library, I picked up 2 great live action remakes in Jungle book and Pete's Dragon, they were £9.99 or 2 for £15 in HMV which seems like too good a bargain to pass up. Although I didn't think a huge amount of the Jungle book remake when I saw it in the cinema, I really wanted to give it a second chance, getting it for such a great price on Blu ray seemed like too good an option to miss, hopefully I'll get a few hours spare to settle down and watch it this week and maybe it will change my opinion on things?

Build a Bear

Of course no month is complete without two spoilt bears, and once again Duffy and Shellie-May were exactly that during march. First our lovely new Sophie friend (it's a popular name and it would appear we're collecting Sophies) answered our desperate plea to get help finding the Beast costume, which she refused to take any money for and sent to Duffy with this adorable rose accessory, in store the main costume is £15 and the rose is £3.50, so again Sophie, thank you so so much for the gift!

The other item we picked up was this summer time Olaf shirt and hat set for £10 which I had been looking at for quite some time, I can't get over how cute it is and can't wait to take some summer themed snaps of Duffy in it! Again this is from build a bear workshop.

Shop small business

The final section of this months write up is dedicated to small businesses that I've purchased from this month, and this is something I am so excited to share with you all. Since becoming part of the twitter community, small businesses and sites like Etsy have become a huge part of my shopping habits, not only is it a great way to get cute and unique items, but it's supporting someones dream, and when you think about it, isn't that just the most lovely thing to do?

The first Small business I bought from in March is It's Lizi this etsy store sells some awesome Disney artwork, and her underground prints collection is my favourite, you can buy the prints individually for £1.35 each or you can save some money by picking up a lucky dip multi pack like I did, what's even better is if you've made a past order, Lizi will try to avoid sending you duplicates of prints you've already bought! That's the kind of customer service I'm looking for! A pack of 5 prints is £6.00 or 10 is £10.80, they look amazing the quality is great and its such a fun way to display some of your favourite locations.

The next store i bought from is The Happiest Fitness Co, ran by the lovely Lottie they specialize in gym wear with a Disney twist and recently released this amazing Zootropolis themed tee! I went for a mens small as I prefer mens fit tees and I am super happy with the quality and fit, it's a new gym favourite for sure! this was £12.50 and is still available to order.

The final small business I bought from this month was Ears Ever After I was looking for something cute for my anniversary trip coming up and fancied something with a lot of sparkle! These were just perfect, they're customisable so you can pick your main ear colour separate to the bow colour and there are so many great combinations to pick from, to match the 25th colour scheme I went for blue and silver. They arrived super quick and were exactly what I was looking for and even better they're really comfortable which the official park eats aren't always! Hoping these will help get me some great character interaction and even better photos. These ears were £25 plus postage which is a really good price! Can't wait to get them on in the park!

So I think that covers everything I shouldn't have been spending my money on during march, what did you guys get? Did anyone else manage to get a chip purse or mug? Drop me a comment I'd love to chat!

Hoodsie xx

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