Disney Confessions

Hey Guys,

This could really be a make or break post for me I guess, I've seen a few other people post theirs including Sarah at Belle's Moments  and Kez at What would Dory Do, the basic idea is to admit to a few things that maybe you've been keeping secret for a while about your Disney likes and dislikes. Fingers crossed this won't offend anyone too much!

1. The post-renaissance era - I haven't actually seen a whole bunch of the films in this era, I've seen Treasure planet, Lilo and stitch, Chicken little, meet the Robinsons and Bolt, and to be honest, the only ones I revisit are Lilo and Stitch and Bolt. I'm actually still missing a few from the Renaissance era too ... oops ?

2.Pixar over classics - Yep sorry guys, I really do prefer the Pixar films, and also the newer computer animated films over the traditional hand drawn classics. Don't get me wrong, I still love and cherish many of the classic films but Pixar just connects with me so much more.

3.Disneyland vs Walt Disney World - I don't think this is the best kept secret of all time, but my desire to visit Disneyland far outweighs that of Walt Disney world, is it because it's Walt's park? Is it because it's smaller and feels more familiar to DLP? Is it because it has Cars land? Probably yes to all of those, all I know is I want it bad, though I'm fairly certain I'll end up going to WDW first!

4. I don't really watch Disney vlogs - I guess this is as much a general confession as a Disney one, but i find watching Disney vlogs can be really hard going, the longer they are the less chance I'll make it through the whole thing, it's not that I don't appreciate all the work you've put into it, because I know how tough it is, but I've walked round fantasy land and taken in the sights myself, show me something new or exciting! Shorter vlogs with more action and less filler are a winner for me!

5.Forest of Enchantment - I'm afraid it's a no from me. I don't know what it was about this show, but it annoyed me more than it ticked boxes, It's such a shame because individually I like all the films and songs it represents, but something about the way it was put together didn't sit right with me, I know it was hugely popular and I'm sure it will be a full house again when it returns in Summer, maybe I'll give it a second try?

So there's my Disney confessions, hope I don't lose too many friends? What about you guys, confession is open, feel free to share your Disney sins in the comments!

Hoodsie xx


  1. I love Pixar! :) but equally as much as Disney I think...depends on my mood and situation.

    Aaah I want to visit DLR so badly too! For me also because it's 'the original', Walt's park, I want to walk were he walked. And also: Carsland. Yes please :) But I also want to go to WDW someday, for other reasons(animal kingdom f.e., epcot, ...)

    I found Forest of Enchantment ok, not the biggest fan, but better then Frozen singalong imo. But nothing beats Mickey and the Magician ;)

    Unlike you, I am a BIG fan of all the disney vlogs....sometimes a bit too much as it does take some time for me to watch them all and...FOMO kicks in so I need to watch them all aaaaahhhhh :p

  2. Oh btw, it's Annelies from twitter :p (with the punzie/ariel sparkly ears and the pictures with Ariel and Punzie) wasn't sure if you knew who I was here :)

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