The Disney Challenge

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Hey Guys! I saw a few people doing this on twitter recently, and it looked super fun, but I'm pretty rubbish at posting everyday, and also super impatient waiting for each day, so I figured I'm almost an adult, I make my own bed time, and if I want to do it as one blog post, I'll do it as one blog post.

So here it is, the Disney Challenge 30 questions about Disney characters, films and parks, hopefully you'll get to know me better and not get too angry at my answers!

  1. Your Favourite Character -  I'm going to say Peter Pan. It's a real tough call, but that lost boy will always be special to me.

  2. Your Favourite Princess - Again super tough, I really adore Aurora, but I'm also pretty in love with Anna. Can I pick both? If not I'll take Aurora =)

  3. Your Favourite Heroine - Jessie. Jessie never gives up Jessie finds a way! I'm a huge toy story fan and Jessie is a big part of that for me.IMG_5866

  4. Your Favourite Prince - This is a hard one as none of the princes really resonate with me,
    if Kristoff was a prince it would be easy but I'm going to have to say Naveen for now, I love the journey his character goes on throughout the film to learn about himself and every time I've met him he's been wonderful!

  5. Your Favourite Hero - Who put the glad in gladiator? Yep you guessed it Hercules! He goes through a really tough side but he keeps pushing and comes out of it the other side, though I wish I had my own hero trainer like phil!

  6. Your Favourite Animal - Oooh that's a toughy! So many cute friends how do you pick? I must say I have a huge soft spot for Lady from Lady and the tramp, so i guess we'll go for her.

  7. Your Favourite Sidekick - Lets be honest, who doesn't want a friend like Mater? He's funny, he's caring and he can teach you to tip tractors and drive backwards!

  8. Your Favourite Villain - Jafar. I don't even really know why he's just always been my favourite, I even have a plush doll of him, I was so happy when i got to meet him on my first DLP trip.

  9. Your Favourite Original Character - Donald Duck! I love how angry he is, I love that he doesn't need to wear pants and that's ok with everyone. I think he's super cute and I love going to meet him in the park, chances are if I'm not on Dumbo, Buzz or Peter Pan's flight during EMH it's because I'm waiting to meet this ducky!

  10. Your Favourite Song - What? I'm only allowed to pick one?! This is an outrage quite frankly. Anyone who's been in a car with me will know no journey is complete without a Disney sing along, so the thought of picking just one track is mind blowing. For now I'll go with "wanna be like you" from the Jungle book, but I'll probably change my mind by the time I've published this!

  11. Your Favourite Love Song - Eww mushy! jokes aside though, "I see the light" from Tangled is utterly beautiful!

  12. Your Favourite Villain Song - First of all, let it be said that more villains should sing. There's nothing more terrifying than a well constructed musical number after all, Could I have a loop hole and pick Cruela De Vil, I mean it's a song about her even if she doesn't technically sing it!

  13. Your Least Favourite Song - This ones not quite as tough as picking a favourite, which is a relief as other wise I'd never get this finished, must say although I adore the film I'm no fan of the Siamese Cat song from Lady and the Tramp. Sorry=(

  14. Your Favourite Kiss - Does Lady and Tramp's spaghetti kiss count?! Because that's the one I pick. Puppies are just too cute!

  15. The First Movie You Saw - Now I'm gunna answer this one differently and go for first movie I saw in the cinema, as I'm sure I must have watched others at home first but I'm not sure which one I would have seen first. However i remember going to the cinema to watch the Live action 101 Dalmatians which must have been about 1997 so would say IMG_6174that must be one of the first.

  16. Your Favourite Classic - Peter pan, I honestly don't think I could get bored of this film, as much as I love Peter and the lost boys I love Hook and Smee, I love the songs, the idea of Neverland, there's really not much bad to say about this film!

  17. Your Least favourite Classic - Snow white. Sorry. I just don't get it. I know without snow I wouldn't have all the films I do love so very much, but that's not enough to make me like it I'm afraid, her voice annoys me, her character annoys me. I just don't like it. Not one

  18. Your Favourite Pixar Film - Cars. Without a shadow of a doubt that film is everything to
    me, and I can pretty much quote every single word. I love the setting, the characters the songs the animation. I just love it.

  19. Your Least favourite Pixar Film - Now this was tough, rather than it being a film I don't like it had to just come down to the one I love the least, come on now, if you've followed my blog you'll know by now Pixar is my thing so picking one I don't like is super tough. I decided to go for Good Dinosaur, though it's beautifully animated, and I love Arlo dearly, the story just isn't quite strong enough for me!

  20. Favourite Sequel - Toy Story 2, the film that gave me Jessie, how can anything else compare?

  21. An Overrated Movie - Lion king. I'm so sorry Steph.

  22. An Underrated Movie - Oliver and company!

  23. A Film that makes you Laugh - Monsters Inc, Mike and Sulley's friendship is amazing!

  24. A Film that makes you cry - Dumbo, every single time. When they lock mrs Jumbo up and Dumbo goes to visit. Heartbreaking!

  25. Your favourite scene from your favourite movie - When Sally and Lightning go for a drive in Cars and sally tells lightning how the town used to be before they built the interstate that bypassed radiator springs!

  26. Saddest death - Has to be Ray in princess and the frog, i was so unexpectedly attached to that little guy!

  27. Your favourite quote - "I create feelings in others they themselves don't understand" - Lightning McQueen

  28. Your favourite theme park - As I've only visited Disneyland Paris, it would have to be that one. img_4811

  29. Your favourite theme park attraction - Buzz Lightyear lazer blast - its a staple of every trip I don't know what I'd do if it was down for a whole trip!

  30. Your favourite theme park show - Though I'm learning to love Mickey and the magician more with each viewing, right now its animagique that holds my heart, I wish I could watch it one last time!

So that's a wrap, 30 grueling questions about my Disney likes and dislikes, hopefully I haven't offended you all too much! If you fancy doing this challenge yourself either on Twitter, YouTube or on your blog, please tag me I'd love to compare answers!

Hoodsie xx


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