My Disney collection: Funko Pops

I thought it might be interesting to start sharing some of my own personal Disney collections, hopefully some of you reading may have similar interests or collections, and if not o may introduce you to something new!

The first part of my collection I wanted to share is my Funko pops, these are a range of stylised toys/figures made by a company called funko. The brand makes a huge line of collectable figures that cover all kinds of pop culture, from film, Tv, books music as well as sports.

I first started collecting the figures in August 2013 having been introduced to them by a friend who has brought some back from the US, the style of the figure immediately struck a chord with me, and once I had seen the vast Disney range available I was hooked! Each figure is between 3 and 4 inches tall, though there are some "over sized" exceptions to this, and feature a typically over sized head and large eyes. Personally I find this style to be very cute, and I guess it reminded me a bit of anime and cartoon and this was a huge selling point for me.

To date I currently own around 93 Funko pops from the Disney range but there are even more out there that I have yet to add to my collection. Each pop typically retails between £8.99 and £19.99 brand new, depending on size and how limited the run, with special figures being released for comicon events throughout the year. They are becoming more widely available on the high street now and can often be seen in hmv, boots, Argos, game, smyths toys etc.

I use a monthly subscription service to add to my pop collection, offers a unique service where you can have a mystery pop sent to you each month, or more than one if you want to build a larger collection quickly. The website allows you to create a list of the pops you already own, to ensure you don't get sent a duplicate, but also allows you to create a list of your likes and dislike so that you can Tailor your plan to only send you pops you want but still have the excitement of a mystery sub.

Below is a picture of the bulk of my collection, and then some close up shots of some of my favourite sets and individual pops.

This is what we effectionatley call the wall of pops! Currently I have chosen to keep my figures in box, it saves having to try and keep them clean and also protects them from getting knocked off the shelves! Going forward I'm looking to purchase two display cabinets so that I can unbox them and display them in a way that shows all of their detail.

My Peter Pan set is my absolute favourite set of pops, as both Peter and Hook are not currently in production I had these shipped from Australia!

Ursula is another pop that is currently not in production brand new and again came from Australia, her popularity as a character and the limited number in which she was produced means this figure holds quite a high re sale value.

In my nightmare before Christmas set I am lucky enough to have got the glow in the dark Jack and Sally set, I won these as a prize when I first started my collection and when I last checked the pair were selling 2nd hand for between £150 and £200!

A few more of my favourite pops and also my big hero 6 collection, I particularly like the over sized baymax's, I'm glad they chose to make these a larger pop as this makes them more true to character. This picture also shows the beginning of my cars collection, being my favourite Disney film this is a set I can't wait to finish, and I was able to get my hands on the limited dinoco blue lightning which was released at San Diego comicon and also the mint mater which was released at New York comicon.

The final set I wanted to share with you is the set I finished today which is Alice in wonderland, now there are a few different versions of Cheshire Cat, I have the dissapearing version from hot topic in the US, there is also a full colour chesh and a blue chesh, the latter one being a limited edition again from a previous San Diego comicon. They have now released a second set of Alice pops to run along side the live action movies, but I preferred the cartoon ones.
So that's my pop collection, do you collect? Do you have any rare pops and what's on your most wanted list? Drop me a comment I'd love to know!


  1. Oh, the Ursula Pop! I'm so jealous I didn't start collecting sooner. She's like my dream Pop.

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