Disney Lego mini fig series 1

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They've only officially been out in the UK for 2 days and they're already creating a massive buzz in the Disney community. Lego have teamed up with Disney to create the first Disney minifigure series.

In total the series has 18 minifigures, they are sold in blind bags at £2.50 each and are currently available in waterstones, smyths toys and Lego stores across the UK, though I expect to see them hit toy stores and supermarkets over the next few days.

As with the other Lego mini figure series, each bag has some dots or bumps at the bottom of the packet where the batch number is printed and eagle eyed Lego fans will know these dot patterns relate to which figure is inside, saving collectors a small fortune in duplicates.

Some dot guides have appeared online but these don't yet appear to be 100% accurate so I am looking to develop my own but for now here are some photos of the figures I've found so far.

That's all for now, will update you when I finish the set, happy collecting!


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