Disneyland Paris Annual Pass changes

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So something really exciting arrived in my Inbox this morning and basically I thought it would be really rude of me not to share it with you all, so I thought I’d do a quick round up of the latest annual pass holder news coming direct from Disneyland Paris. Hopefully you’ll find this useful/interesting, at least in parts, but as always feedback is super appreciated!
If you’re an existing pass holder, you may remember that the current selection of annual passes was a new introduction to the resort last year. There are currently 4 tiers of annual pass, Discovery, Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity. Each tier gives the holder additional access, benefits and discount within the resort and this makes it easy to pick the pass that best suits your needs and enables you to pay a fair price based on which benefits are suited to your park habits.

annual passes
Well today DLP have announced their first annual review of the new style passes and I’m going to try and relay that information to you guys, with a breakdown of my thoughts on each part. First of all we should probably tackle the Elephant in the room, prices.

Price changes.
The first thing to announce is that in line with general tickets, annual pass prices will be increasing in 2018, with effect from March 21st 2018 the first 3 tiers of annual passes will see a price increase, the new prices will be;

  • Discovery pass €9 per month or €149.00 annually

  • Magic Flex pass €15 per month or €219.00 annually

  • Magic Plus pass €19 per month or €259.00 annually

I’m pleased to announce the Infinity pass will stay at the current €32 per month of €399.00 annually (monthly prices are based on an initial deposit of €55), in addition to this any special price offers such as the free 4 months at renewal and the AP referral programme will stay the same.
For me, this came as a pleasant surprise, the increases are on the whole not as large as I expected, for reference the previous prices annually were €139, €189 and €249 so for 2/3 passes only a €10 increase. Personally I still believe the passes provide excellent value for money, if you make 2 or more trips of 4 days a year there are definitely savings to be made by purchasing a pass, and I certainly don’t regret mine! I’m surprised not to see the Infinity pass increase this time round, though I would assume this is because it was already so much more than the other passes.

New Viewing areas.
Now that we’ve covered off the cost, we should look at what we’re getting for our money, and the first thing on the list is the VIP viewing areas. VIP viewing areas were introduced alongside the new range of passes in 2017 and are an included perk on the infinity pass, essentially they are roped off areas along the parade route, and in front of the castle for illuminations, that you can only access if you are an infinity pass holder who has made a reservation either by phone or at city hall. They allow you to get a great view of the parade or fireworks and also it’s a way of getting your spot without having to wait around and try to hold your space for such a long time! The changes to the viewing area are:
In late March, the private VIP areas for Infinity Annual Pass holders will be expanded so that they can fully enjoy Disney Stars on Parade and Disney Illuminations in a special way.

From 10 June 2018, a new zone will be reserved for Infinity Annual Pass holders for the new show Stark Expo presents: Energy for Tomorrow! which will be performed during Marvel Summer of Super Heroes at Walt Disney Studios Park, at the foot of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Now I think they both sound really exciting, and i particularly like that it's being rolled out into the studios park for the new show there this summer. However, the one change I'd like to see is the addition of an option to book a plus one for the area, in my friendship circle only a couple of us have the infinity pass and this means I haven't used this perk at all since upgrading to infinity last April as I want to watch the parade and fireworks with my friends, I'd love to be able to use it with my Niece this April to get her a better view for Illuminations, but as she isn't a pass holder I can't take her in with me.

Annual pass merchandise

In addition to this April will see the resort release its first range of Annual Pass themed merchandise, now the details on this part are a little fuzzy and I'm not 100% sure if this will only be available to annual pass holders, or annual pass holder branded. The range launches April 12th and will include a mixture of open edition and limited edition items, so far I have seen Pins Mugs T shirts and Lanyards. I will be in the resort from April 16th so hopefully can get some more info then if not before. Items will be on sale exclusively to Flora's which is on Main street opposite the emporium.

Personally I'm excited to see what they do with this, the annual pass holder merchandise offered in WDW looks really good and I like that they have them for different events like Mickey's Not so Scary and presumably the Mickeys Very Merry parties too, this could be something really special and make for some really nice keepsakes!

AP Events

The final thing to cover is possibly the most exiting of all and that's an extended calendar of events and offers for pass holders, and even better the first date is already announced.

The first event will take place on March 30th in the Studios park and on this occasion the event will only be for Infinity pass holders, however future events and offers will be for different levels of AP, so everyone should see some benefit.

The first event is a soiree to celebrate 10 years of the Tower of Terror, a themed party night will include fancy dress with a 1930's Hollywood theme, actors, photo locations and a projection show. Tickets will be €39 and go on sale February 5th from City hall, Studio services, and the infinity phone line!

Now this isn't really my sort of thing, Tower of Terror is not my kind of ride, and 1930's Hollywood isn't a style I'd feel in any way confident to pull off, however I'm really really excited about this sort of event and can't wait to see how well it goes and subsequent events that will follow on from it, should it prove to be a success.


So that's the news round up for today, a lot of information to digest, but some really positive changes, what do you guys think? Which announcement are you most excited for? Did anything surprise you? Drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx


  1. All of this definitely has me wanting to get a DLP AP! I’ve got one for WDW this year but I’m so tempted with one for next year ...
    I LOVE the sound of that 1930s style party, too! I’m not a fan of Tower of Terror as a ride but the era and the theming is so wonderful.

    Emma / SpectroMagical.com

  2. Hey Emma, they certainly do seem more affordable than the wdw ones, and these are just the new changes, the existing perks are really good too!

    The party does sound like it could be good, I cant wait to see more about it!

    Thanks for reading! Hoodsie xxx

  3. This post is amazing. I think you have explained all very good and I am looking forward for the following AP events! Hopefully a haunted mansion one....