Festival of Pirates and Princesses - my thoughts

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So I recently wrote up my thoughts of the upcoming Disney FanDaze event, and specifically the announcement of the packages and prices. In one of the comments it was mentioned that you'd like to hear my thoughts on the new "Festival of Pirates and Princesses" which debuts at Disneyland Paris on March 31st 2018, well this one is for you.

Festival of Pirates and Princesses is a new season being introduced this year to Disneyland Paris as part of the extended 25th anniversary celebrations. Described by Disney as "a spectacular celebration of Disney royalty and rapscallions" it is set to take over the Spring slot previously home to Swing into Spring, which last ran in 2016 during our May trip.

Now it wouldn't be fair to sing the praises of this new season without first considering that which came before it. Personally I feel it's safe to say it is probably the success of Swing into Spring that has encouraged DLP to continue to take a chance on the idea of seasons to fill the DLP calendar, and encourage return visitors with the offer of new seasonal entertainment and character meets.

Amongst the fan community, Swing into Spring seems to be talked about favourably. Although it only ran for 3 seasons, 2014, 2015 & 2016, it does seem to be a season that fans feel particularly attached to, and I get the feeling  it's sorely missed. Personally I only visited for the third edition, I enjoyed the season greatly and would love to be able to see the season specific entertainment again, you can often find me watching Sunny Bunnyland and Goofy's Garden Party on YouTube!

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Looking to the future it certainly seems like Pirates and Princesses has rather large shoes to fill as a seasonal successor, so what have DLP got lined up for us? Looking at the press release from Disneyland Paris, which Geoff over at DLP Town Square has kindly shared, DLP don't seem to be sharing a huge amount of information with us, but what they have shared sounds really exciting.

The main thing I am looking forward to is the new interactive show "Disney Pirate or Princess: make your choice" from what's detailed in the document this is an experience that provides both parade and show elements, and incorporates more than 85 performers - which frankly is a phenomenal number that I'm struggling to imagine!

The show is going to focus around 2 main floats, one an incredible pirate ship featuring Jake from Jake and the Neverland pirates and some of our other Neverland friends. Not only this but Minnie Mouse is joining team pirate too, I for one cannot wait to see her outfit for this! As well as some of our most loved characters, the galleon will ply host to an acrobatic crew of pirates, this will really feel like an impressive piece of entertainment with so much going on.


Of course pirates only make up half of the entertainment so if this wasn't already sounding incredibly enough it's time to introduce our second new float featuring some of our most regal friends. The new princess float has a floral theme which I think fits the time of year perfectly. Mickey will be looking after some of our favourite members of Disney royalty as well as Disney heroines like Moana,  of course the princesses will be joined by dancers to finish the look and feel of this float, and truth be told I'm not sure which one I'm most looking forward to.


Now if these two floats and the sheer volume of performers involved wasn't enough to wet your appetite and have you looking at hotels already, the good news is there's far more to this than a parade. The two floats will start at opposite ends of the parade route and when they meet each other at central plaza, it turns into more of an interactive show. Guest will be asked to pick their side and support their favourites, pirates vs princesses.

I don't know about you, but I'm really very excited for this part, I can't really imagine what it's all going to look like but I cannot wait to see central plaza come to life with all the colours and characters. It sounds like it's going to be really impressive, and better still? It is on more than once a day giving you the chance to not only see it from both ends of the parade route, but also if you want switch which side you support when they clash, I know we'll be seeing this a few times.

As far as season specific events/entertainment goes, this seems to really be all that's mentioned in the press release. They do touch on being able to do meet and greets but no specific characters have been confirmed yet, I'm keen t see if this ends up just being the standard princess pavilion & Peter and friends in Adventure land, or if they have other opportunities/costumes planned that are specific to the season. Meeting Mickey and Minnie in their prince and princess outfits would be so so cute, and meeting Jake has been a bit of a dream of mine since he was out meeting guests in Adventure land the weekend of the Pirates of the Caribbean premier.

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Other than that there are plenty of pirate and princess themed attractions and experiences to get stuck into during your trip. Both Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan's flight were refurbished in the run up to the 25th anniversary and are looking better than ever. The story book boats tend to re-open in the spring complete with a fresh paint job and the snow white dark ride and carrousel in Fantasy land continue to be very popular. Face painters can make you up into a Pirate or Princess and if you're taking under 12s they can dress up as their favourites to complete the look.

Dining options include Auberge de Cendrillon, a character meal attended by Cinderella, her two mice Suzy and Perla and usually 2-3 other princesses, and Captain Jack's, formerly known as Blue Lagoon this is a table service restaurant in Adventure land which not only has appearances from Jack Sparrow if you're lucky, but has the pirates of the Caribbean ride passing through it - how's that for atmosphere! Both the pirates and princesses make an appearance in the current parade, Stars on parade, which is performed daily, they are also represented in Disney's Illuminations at park closing time. Add in the Princess for a day experience in the Disneyland Hotel and there's plenty to keep you busy during your stay!


In my opinion, what's been announced for the season so far is truly very exciting, there's just enough information that I feel drawn in and excited for what's coming, but no so much information that I won't be surprised when I get there or have anything to discover on my own. I'm a little disappointed that there's only one new parade/show coming, as Swing into Spring had so much entertainment going on it was practically impossible to be bored, but I think they have compensated for this well by the scale of the show that is planned. It would be nice to have a little more information about meet and greets available, for outfit planning as much as anything else! But hopefully we will get this in due course, overall though I think this could be an impressive season.

I'm booked to experience the season first hand between April 16th and 20th and of course will come back and update you with how it all was, but until then, who else is booked or thinking about going? What are you most excited for? Was there anything you'd like to see that hasn't been announced yet? Drop me a comment below!

Hoodsie xx


  1. I wasn’t fussed about going specifically for this season but it ties in with a trip so I’m interested to see what it’s like. Being a huge Princess fan I’m more interested in what the Pirate section has to offer. I loved Swing into Spring but seeing new stuff is always cool.

  2. The plans for this season sound amazing! So lucky that you get to go and experience it, I'd love to see that new show but I'm happy with my trip to experience Disney at Christmas! Can't wait to see people's photos/vlogs/blog posts from this season though!

    Jess xx

  3. I am super excited to see the new show! Already trying to decide which side I am going to be on! I really hope they do themed meet and greets for this season as it would be really cool!

  4. I really really hope jake comes out. And I’ve already told my niece we’re having one princess day and one pirate day so I can switch sides 😂

  5. I’m really looking forward to the season! Praying Jake does some meets

  6. Yeah I think I may need to do the same! And Jake would be cool to meet

  7. This sounds pretty promising! I am loving the clashing concepts of the Pirates and Princesses and think the interactive elements will hopefully work pretty well! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it in the months to come! :D I do think I am still Team Princesses though..

    Zoe | nuggetstumpblog.com

  8. Its ok I’m happy to keep peter all to myself 😅👍🏻

  9. After visiting DLP earlier this year (which I talk about in my blog) I am incredibly jealous of everything you have going on in that park! Perhaps it's because I'm so use to all of the events that take place in Disneyworld, but everything that goes on in DLP always seems so much more exciting! I glad you mentioned that Pirates and Peter Pan had been refurbished, because I was blown away by both of those rides during my visit. Now it makes sense why they were so amazing!

  10. Thank you so much! Dlp have really stepped up their game and the park is coming together beautifully! I can’t wait to report back once I’ve visited next!

  11. Brilliant article! I wish I could go to experience this. Can’t wait to see your photos and review from your trip when you go! 💕


  12. Swing Into Spring was my favourite season so this definitely has big shoes to fill for me but I do have high hopes for it! I wish I could go but I will be neck deep in dissertation writing by then and I'm saving all of my money for my trip to Disney World in September, but I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures and reading everyone's reviews! Hopefully if it's a success they'll do it again next year and I might be able to experience it then!

  13. I really do hope it goes well! I hate to see swing into spring go, but there’s so so much potential here! Thanks for reading! Xx

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