Disneyland Paris trip report - August 2017 Day 2

Hey Guys,

Thanks for sticking with me, I swear it was the shortest DLP trip ever but its just taken me the longest amount of time to actually get everything down in writing! If like me you've kinda forgotten what happened on Day One, feel free to go back and catch up.

Day 2 started slightly later in the morning than day 1, I think the alarm went off around 6:30 am, which was actually quite pleasant compared to the day before, I was still totally shattered from the travelling and everything else the night before, and still feeling a little under the weather, eventually we got up with enough time to have some breakfast and get to the parks for EMH.

As we were trying to make this a budget trip, we didn't stay in any of the onsite hotels, instead we opted for the Explorers hotel, which is a nearby partner hotel of Disneyland Paris, this was my first time staying here, and though I wasn't there long enough to really form a full opinion, what I did experience of it I really enjoyed, the beds were comfortable, the rooms were clean and had all the basic things you need, the whole hotel has a pirate theme which I loved and seems designed to be really family friendly, the pool though I didn't have time for a splash looked amazing, and I would definitely consider staying there again!

After breakfast we had the most disastrous Uber ride to the park as EMH hours starts at 8 and the first bus doesn't start until 8, but eventually we got there in one piece, dropped our bags off at the concierge again, and we were ready for our 2nd day of magic. To start with we met Chip and Dale, now these cheeky chipmunks are nothing short of hilarious at the best of times, but that day they were on top form. I had decided to go for a Maleficent look for Sunday as I had these awesome official parks ears for a while and I really wanted to wear them, I matched them with a Maleficent dress from EMP, and my purple Vans, I then finished the look by dressing Shellie-May as Aurora with a cute dress from Build a Bear workshop! Once it was finally our turn to meet Chip and Dale they did not disappoint, they were so playful and naughty, and took the time to recognize how Shellie and I were dressed and make a point of playing along and interacting. We got to spend so much time with them, and though I do feel really bad for the people waiting in the queue behind us, I'd happily re-live that meet over and over again, luckily Katie P did manage to film it, so I can keep watching it when I miss the magic most.

After chip and dale we popped round to see the dragon under the castle, which I don't visit every trip but every time i do see it, I'm kinda in awe of just how good it is! I think we did the tea cups quite early on in the day too, nothing helps settle your tummy after breakfast like a spin with the hatter! After a little time in fantasy land we decided to take some time out to go over to the studios as we hadn't been there yet this trip, though I'm personally not so much of a thrill seeker when it comes to rides, a few people in the group I was with are much braver so Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster were on the list. As well as these two, I was able to do Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin and Parachute drop over in toy story play land, and got these great photos of my new pin I got recently.

We also did flying carpets and i got to see the new Lightning Mcqueen photo location that went in recently. We had planned to do Mickey and the magician too, however the showing we were going to go to got cancelled and we didn't really have time to wait for the next one as it was such a short trip. Luckily it should still be on during at least my next 2 trips to Paris, so I'll get another chance to see it soon!

After the studios we found time to have lunch at Hakuna Matata in Adventure land, saw Forest of Enchantment again, and this time we were able to get there early enough for Shellie to have a quick costume change and then briefly meet Merida in the queue which was a huge personal goal for me having not seen her since 2014.

We rode the carousel and saw both the 25th anniversary show and the starlit princess waltz over at the castle stage, and before we knew it, it was time to think about getting our places for the parade., Luckily as we did this with time to spare we were right at the rope in a fairly good spot in fantasy land just before the annual pass office, it was beautifully warm and sunny by this point, so we took it in turns to save spaces so that a few of us at a time could run over to Adventure land to grab Pineapple whips, Yum!

Now I'm really growing to like the new parade, Stars on Parade, it was introduced earlier this year as part of the 25th celebrations and has really mixed reviews. The music is a lot different to its predecessor, and a lot of the floats have come from other parks or are rehashes of old ones, but I'm really liking it, I know it's a bit more choreographed than Magic on Parade was and this does leave less opportunity for interaction, but trust me it's very much still there!

Now this was a parade I had been looking forward to for a while, and getting a rope side seat was no coincidence, yep I'm not ashamed to admit it, my goal was to try and get some interaction or at least acknowledgement from some of the characters, in particular, those from Sleeping Beauty, and I'm so pleased to say it went to plan, in fact it's probably my most memorable parade experience to date.

The interaction started from the steampunk maleficent float, where prince Philip noticed me, he wasn't able to come over due to the choreography, but just getting noticed was enough for me, then one of Maleficent's goons came over to see Shellie as she was still dressed as Aurora, then when the fairies came past I got shouted at by Merryweather. The final person to notice me and come over on parade was probably the most unexpected of all, as right at the end of the parade before the last float, Kristoff shuffled over nervously to ask if i was going to breathe fire! Honestly it was just so lovely to be recognised by so many and have those unique memorable moments which I truly cherish!

After parade there was just enough time to hit the last few shops and pick up some last minute merch before heading for the Eurostar home, it was such a crazily short trip, but at the same time it felt like we got to see and do so so much, and I left with a totally full Mickey shaped heart for sure!

So that's it for the August trip, as with last time, the wonderful Sophie Square'd have complied day two into a Vlog for you all to check out, so please like and subscribe over there too, I know they would be so so grateful!

Other than that there's now only 2 weeks till my next trip back to DLP so I really should start thinking about packing! Thanks as always for reading,

Hoodsie xx


  1. So jealous I love DLP, I have just got back from Florida you MUST go! x

  2. Another great blog, really enjoyed reading it :) xx