Disney Parks Haul - August 2017

Hey guys!

Following on from my trip reports from my August trip, I wanted to share the bulk of my purchases with you guys, given most of them came from one shop there's quite a theme here so I hope at least some of you like it.

Disney pin trading is something I've only recently become more interested in since becoming an annual pass holder, the idea is that you buys pins in all the different hotels and parks, display your favourites on your lanyard and trade the rest with others to get pins you love even more! Now i must admit. I haven't fully embraced the idea of pin trading, as I seem to buy plenty, but I never want to actually trade them! Maybe in time once my collection has built up a little more I'll decide to start trading but for now I'm happy just to keep adding to my collection with more pins that I love or than give me special memories from my trips.

Pins are available in most shops and hotels across Disneyland Paris, however if you're lucky enough to be visiting on a Saturday or Sunday and you'd like to get some pins I would highly recommend taking a trip to Pueblo's Trading post, which can be round near cowboy cookout in Frontier Land. For me this along with Harrington's is one of the best places for pins, and is also where new Limited edition pins get their initial release. Its quite a small shop so can feel a little crowded but its a treasure trove of pins and vinylmations and I love getting to visit.

This is where the most of my shopping happened this trip as there were a few items I was dying to get my hands on and this was the best place to try and get it all in one go.

The first thing I picked up was the blue 25th anniversary lanyard, now if you've read my other haul posts you may remember I picked up one of these in April when I visited for the anniversary day. Unfortunately it was faulty and didn't realize until i got home, I did E-mail to see if it could be replaced however it was out of stock, so this i the first chance I've had to replace it, I made sure I checked this one over carefully before I took it to the till and am happy to have it in my collection now, this retails for €9.99 before any discounts.

Next I chose this Illuminations pin, to celebrate 2017's new night time show, sure it's had mixed reviews compared to dreams, but I actually quite like the show and this pin is truly beautiful it was €7.99 and is an open edition so should still be available and restocked for a while.

I got 2 new Cars pins which have been released recently, the first features both Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramierez from the new film and was €6.99. The second just features Lightning which was €6.99 too, as cars is my favourite film I wanted these from the moment I first saw they were being released so I'm so glad I've been able to add these to my collection.

The final 2 pins I got this trip, I can't remember the prices for and unfortunately I no longer have the receipt but I'm pretty sure they were either €6.99 or €7.99 The first is this beautiful Marie pin with jewel detailing, I was torn between this and another Marie pin, but i think the extra sparkles on this one just edged it ahead for me, and knowing me, I'll probably pick up the other version on one of my trips this year.

The other was this Rainbow Mickey head, since seeing the Disney Store participate in the Pride events in London earlier this year I have been looking for some sort of rainbow Mickey pin to add to my collection and I'm happy to say this one is just perfect and I'm so proud to be able to wear it on my lanyard and know that Disney are supportive of this.

So that's my Pin haul for August, i have already pre-ordered some pins for my next trip in just over a week and I'm sure I'll find some more that I like on top, so there may  be another pin haul soon.

Until then, what are your favourite pins, any you want to pick up on your next trip? Let me know in the comments!

Hoodsie xx