A 2018 Disney Christmas Film Guide

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Hi guys!

Well, the big day is looming ever closer, and now that I've got most of the shopping and wrapping out of the way it's time to start thinking about relaxing and enjoying the big day and time with my family. For many families, nothing sums up Christmas more than sitting down together to watch a film, but with so many channels and so much on, where do you even start?

I've taken on the task of sifting through the listings to find all the Disney gems so that you can set the recorder and settle with the popcorn without doing any of the legwork - you're welcome.

Please note, I'm a one girl operation, I've covered the main channels for the main few festive days. If you see anything scheduled to be on that I've missed, please drop me a comment and I'll happily add it in!

Christmas Eve

7:15 am - Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings BBC 2

This 2012 animation was our introduction to Tink's friend Periwinkle, its the 4th film in the Tinkerbell series and at 75 mins running time is great for those with a shorter attention span. It's been a while since I've watched this one, but sadly I'll be at work when it's on, I can almost guarantee my niece will be watching though.

13:20 pm - Monsters University BBC 2

Following the 2001 Pixar smash Monsters Inc,  Monsters University is actually a prequel that tells the story of how Mike and Sulley met and eventually became best friends and work partners. The 2013 film is the 14th feature-length production from Pixar and is rated 79% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a run time of 95 mins.

14:55 pm - Zootropolis BBC 1

The 55th animated classic Zootropolis is the story of Judy Hopps, a small Bunny with a big dream! Personally I really really enjoyed this film, it performed well in the box office, won an Oscar and the characters are very popular in the parks. The film is suitable for all ages and, like many Disney classics, has a strong moral message within its story. The characters are lovable and the music is catchy and if nothing else, its 108 mins you won't regret.

17:00 pm - Mary Poppins BBC 1

I don't suppose there's much I need to say here, this 1964 movie is a classic, not only that it's a firm family favourite and is often on during the festive season. With the new film opening in cinemas just a few days before on the 21st I imagine there will be a renewed interest in the original this year. I can't think of any better way to have a chilled evening than snuggled up on the sofa watching Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke making magic!

Christmas Day

6:25 AM - Tinkerbell and the legend of the Never Beast BBC 2

For early risers BBC 2 kicks off the big day with the final instalment in the Tinkerbell films, Legend of the Never Beast was released in 2014 and is my favourite from the series, with a running time of just 76 mins you'll have plenty of time after for swapping presents once the rest of the family are awake.

13:30 pm - The Good Dinosaur BBC 1

After a break for presents and Christmas dinner, you can settle back on the sofa and switch over to BBC 1 for Pixar's Good Dinosaur. Not my favourite film but I can't deny how incredible some of the artwork and animation is and it's a nice easy film to settle into without too much concentration, perfect for a post-lunch breather! It has a running time of 93 mins you'll also be finished in time for the next film to start.

15:10 pm - Jungle Book BBC1

This brings us to the point where hard decisions need to be made, until this point it's been possible to catch each film without overlap, if you decide to stay on BBC 1 you can watch the 2016 live-action adaptation of the Jungle Book. This is a film that has divided opinions, but at the very least it's worth checking out to make up your own mind, or if you don't fancy it, I've got some other options for you.

16:00 pm - The Muppet Christmas Carol Channel 4

A Christmas classic, Kermit and the gang take on the Charles Dickens' masterpiece a Christmas carol. Despite it being released in 1992, I hadn't seen this film until last year and now I wonder how I went through so many Christmases without it!

16:00 pm - Monsters Inc ITV

If you're going to watch Monsters University on Christmas Eve, why not go for the double and catch up with Mike and Sulley again, this time with the adorable Boo! this is the final film choice of the big day and still leaves time for a few Turkey sandwiches and a game of Monopoly afterwards too!

Boxing Day

10:30 am - The Princess and the Frog BBC 1

It's a slightly later start on Boxing day which is perfect for catching up on missed sleep from all the festivities, but a later start is no less impressive, Princess and the Frog the 4-time Oscar nominated 2009 animated film gives us a taste of the good old fashioned 2D animation that started it all. I love this film, the message, the characters, the music. It's a great feel-good film and a brilliant start to another festive day.

14:05 pm - 101 Dalmatians (Live action) 5Star

This is the 1996 live-action version, starring Glenn Close as the spine-chilling Cruella De Ville. This is actually one of the first few films I remember watching at
the cinema and began a huge obsession with dalmatians for me, the following Christmas I can remember all of my gifts being Dalmatian themed, so though it's perhaps not considered a classic/typical Christmas flick, it certainly has strong Christmas connections with me.

14:30 pm - Saving Mr Banks BBC 2

If 101 spotty dogs aren't your thing then fear not! Skip over to BBC 2 and let Tom Hanks wind down the festivities with Saving Mr Banks. Released in 2013 this is the story of Walt Disney's quest to get the rights to make the Mary Poppins film from the somewhat difficult author PL Travers who is played by Emma Thompson. With Mary Poppins returns out in cinemas, and the original Mary Poppins on Christmas Eve, I have no doubt this is how we will finish off Boxing day in my house.

So that's what I've found on the TV this Christmas, have you found anything I haven't spotted? What will you be watching at your house?

However you celebrate it, I hope you all have a great Christmas, and I look forward to everything 2019 holds.

Hoodsie xxx


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