Disneyland Paris 2018 Run Disney 10 Km

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Hey guys!

Welcome back. If you haven't caught up on my series of posts about this years Run Disney event in Paris you can find my overall review here and my 5 Km write up here. If you are all caught up, then let's jump straight back in!

Saturday 22nd and our alarm goes off at around 5:30 am, this can only mean one thing, another Disney race day! Today was the 10 Km and Soph and I were running together as Tinkerbell and Fawn from the Tinkerbell movies. We left the Santa Fe at around 6 am to make the short walk to the Disney Village, again the corrals were situated behind the expo and we were easily able to get right to the front of corral C to meet David, Matty, Megan, Leah and Emma. The wait wasn't too bad but it was a little bit colder in the morning than it had been the evening before. Luckily Matty gave us his foil blanket which really helped, it's a shame these weren't available at the event as it is something I would happily have bought! Better add it to next year's packing list.

The process was the same as the day before, with each corral being lead to the start line and then split into smaller waves. Initially Pain and Panic were on the stage to start the race, but by the time we started they had swapped out for Meg, it was still really cool to see her up close though.

The theme for the 10 Km race was Evil sidekicks, we speculated a bit between us what this might mean, but really we were hoping for at least Mr Smee to go with our costumes. Again the course started by cutting through the village and then into the studios park for a small loop before going back out and into the main park.

The first characters we saw were the Tremaine sisters from Cinderella who were meeting by castle stage, they were swapping out with Gideon and Honest John from Pinocchio who I can honestly say I was gutted to miss!

The course then went through Discovery land, did a backstage loop from Autopia and came back through Pizza Planet before cutting into Fantasy Land. The second character stop was located outside the Curious Labyrinth and was a rotation of Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and March Hare. I'm lucky enough to have met them all before, and Soph isn't a huge Alice fan, this was probably one of the longest queues we saw so we decided not to stop.

We ran through the castle (which is one of the most beautiful and emotional parts of any Run Disney race) and into Frontier Land, this is where my favourite meet of the weekend was. Just outside the entrance to Fort Comstock we had the chance to meet Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox from Song of the South! Now this is quickly becoming one of my favourite Disney films, despite all of its controversy, so being able to meet 2 of the characters was a dream meet!

 As we joined the queue we saw one of our favourite cast members Emma, who we met at the Marvel annual pass party. She explained the Br'ers would be going for their break shortly, and would be replaced by the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood. Neither of us had met him before so we stayed in the queue, once we met him we then queued again so that we were at the front when the Br'ers returned.

The course headed into Adventure Land and through Skull rock where you could meet Ursula's Eels Flotsam and Jetsam, but the queue was pretty long for them so we kept going, honestly I'm not even sure I would class them as a character meet, but they were certainly an unexpected surprise on the course!

Once we got round near Colonel Hathi's we could see the next character queue, Soph joined the back of the queue while I ran ahead a little to check who it was. I'm very happy to report it was our favourite Captain, Mr Smee! Now I know what you're probably thinking, why was I so excited and willing to queue for Smee when he's out all the time in Paris? Well honestly, it was just down to our costumes, if we hadn't been dressed as fairies, we probably wouldn't have waited. Mr Smee was switching out with King Louis from the Jungle book, which again I personally found quite disappointing as he's easy enough to meet on a regular park day. Lucky for us we managed to get to the front just before they swapped so we got our picture with Smee and off we went.

The course then dipped back stage before bringing us back into the tram tour, again a short loop of Catastrophe Canyon lead us to our final character meet, It was Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons alternating with Kronk from Emperor's new Groove. As this was a character we really wanted, and the queue was growing quickly I offered to run up ahead and let Soph and Rach join me in the queue once they caught up. This worked perfectly and the cast members looking after Kronk were working really well with the Photo Pass photographers and the queue moved really quickly! I only watched ENG for the first time recently and I really enjoyed it, although Kuzco is my favourite by a mile meeting Kronk was so cool and he loved our Fairy costumes and pulled his own fairy pose for the camera!

Again we ran through the stunt show before running the final straight up to production court yard, what really surprised me this year is that only the 5 Km course featured any sort of meet in this space. The stunt show is fantastic for this because it's such a large space that it can easily hold a queue without being congested for those who aren't stopping. Even if it was just an unusual parade float or one of the old stars and cars vehicles it really felt like a wasted opportunity.

Once we finished the race we were awarded with our second medal of the weekend, I really love this medal and love that Pain and Panic were on it, I just wish they'd been on the course. At the stage in production courtyard Hades was there to welcome in all the runners, but truth be told I was too busy focusing on getting my medal to get a selfie!

As we headed out of the studios we were able to grab some water and a snack box, we did however notice that all of the Powerade for that day had already gone! Again we were by no means the fastest runners out on the course, but there were still a lot of people behind us, so it was disappointing that they'd underestimated the demand.

For the 10 Km the finisher boards were back up in the entrance to the studios so we took full advantage of this and got some individual and group photos and I love how they turned out! With 2 races down and one left to go it was time to go grab a shower before a fairly slow relaxing day.

What do you guys think of the characters on the 10 Km? Who would you like to have seen?

Hoodsie xx


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