Emperor’s New Groove at the Prince Charles Cinema - Review

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Hi guys!

You know, there's something funny about films, Disney films included. Though they can be watched and enjoyed time and time again, and thanks to technology that means not just at home but on the go to, there's something extra special about watching them on the silver screen.

I love the cinema, I love the excitement of going to see a new film, the idea of sharing it with other like-minded people, the popcorn, the snacks, he'll even the adverts all make up part of the unique experience!

Now here's the thing, as much as I love Disney, and I joke sometimes that I live and breathe it, but maybe that's not too far from the truth! There are however still some films I just haven't seen, Disney has such a huge back catalogue to work through, and there have been times in my life where Disney lost that spark with me. The main time this happened was during that tween transition, where suddenly you're meant to be too cool for the things you liked before and there's so many new things to get involved in and new friends to impress!

During this time Disney was obviously still releasing movies, so it's no surprise there were a few I missed along the way, and this post is about continuing to catch up with these lost movies!

On Friday July 20th I finally watched The Emperor's New Groove, and what better way to do that, than on the silver screen?! Lucky for me there's a great little cinema in London that understands the best way to watch movies is on the big screen and has special screenings of fan favourite films to give people a chance to relive that experience. The Prince Charles Cinema is the only independent cinema in London's west end, better than that it is a repertory cinema, or revival house, meaning every week it screens classic films alongside new films. The cinema has 2 screens, a larger one downstairs and a smaller one upstairs, our screening was upstairs and the slightly more intimate feel of the smaller screen made it feel really special.

The screening was at 9 pm and tickets were £10 for non-members, I thought this was a really fair price for the event and especially as it was a one off with limited seating I was more than happy to pay this! As for the screening time, though 9pm worked fine for me and my friends, it would make it difficult for people with children if they wanted to attend too, we didn't get back till around midnight so it would have been far too late if I'd had wanted to take my niece.

The cinema was lovely, as I said before this screening was in the smaller upstairs screen which I believe has around 100 seats, they're tiered leather seats and were really comfortable. We were a group of 14 so we made sure we were there early so we could grab seats together, we decided to go as 2 groups of 7 one row in front of the other so we were more compact. One of our friends had a suitcase with her which we weren't allowed to take into the screen but the staff were really helpful in finding somewhere for her to store it during the film and were prompt in returning it after.

As we went for food before the film I didn't end up buying any snacks or drinks from the cinema, but every member of staff I did come into contact with at the cinema was polite, happy, friendly and helpful, a real credit to the company!

As for the film, if you haven't seen it before the Emperors New Groove is the story of a young emperor who is selfish and entitled, when his ex royal advisor tries to kill him to to take his place on the throne he is accidentally turned into a Llama. He begins a journey back home with an unexpected friend and learns a few lessons along the way about trusting other people and thinking not just of himself.

The film was brilliant, I loved it, and though part of me wishes I hadn't waited so long to see it, watching it with my friends and in a room full of fans was an amazing way to experience it. The film has the perfect mix of pure comedy moments and witty one liners but also more heartfelt moments and an important message to take away. I can certainly understand why characters like Kuzco, Kronk and Yzma are so popular with Disney fans, their characters are both unique and hilarious and I hope I get the chance to meet some of them soon!

Overall I had a great experience at the Prince Charles Cinema and would highly recommend this as a venue to watch screenings of your favourite films. I will be keeping an eye on their website to see what else they're showing and hopefully I'll be able to share some other Disney classics with my friends there soon!

Were you at the screening? Have you visited the Prince Charles before? Would you visit now? Drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx


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