An open letter to Catherine Powell.

Have you ever wished you could tell the president of Disneyland Paris exactly what you thought about our park? Well I got thinking about just that, so much so that it kept me awake for quite some time! So in the spirit of nothing ventured, nothing gained, here’s my letter to Catherine Powell.

Dear Catherine,

My name is Hoodsie, I live in the UK and Disney, along with Disneyland Paris, is my real passion. I’m currently an annual pass holder for Disneyland Paris, and just wanted to let you know what a great job I think you’re doing, a cast member compliment if you will.


Yeah that’s me in the picture, oh the bear? That’s Duffy bear, and he’s my favourite travel companion, we always visit Disneyland Paris together since I adopted him in the park in March 2016. Since then we’ve shared 10 visits back to the parks and made a whole bunch of friends along the way.

Just in the last 12 months we’ve pledged our allegiance to light side and cheered for Chewbacca during season of the force, our favourite parts were the night time spectacular, and trying to make friends with the Stormtroopers as the paroled the studios!


We came back in spring to celebrate the parks 25th birthday with you, the grand celebration on April 12th was our favourite park of this trip, we thought your dancing on Main Street was particularly good! We also enjoyed meeting the real Duffy and Shellie may in their special one off outfits. The atmosphere of that whole trip was perfect and a lot of the credit for that should probably go to you and your amazing cast members! I now know every word to the happy birthday show and castle stage, and i'll forever be in awe of the Starlit Princess Waltz, which is best at dusk, just so you know!


We came back 4 months in a row starting in August. We spend a weekend chasing the wind and touching the sky with Merida and the cast of Forest of Enchantment in the Chaparral theatre. We finally rode Pirates of the Caribbean after its extensive upgrade, it’s truly looking better than ever! I tried to overcome our fear of Big Thunder Mountain, but Duffy has decided he’d rather ride in my backpack next time. And once again we shared our trip with the most fantastic friends and Cast members, most of whom we never would have met had it not been for this resort.

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In September we took part in the second Magical run weekend. I ran 36.1 km over 3 days while Duffy cheered me on from the side. We had a topsy turvy party with Clopin and his friends from Hunchback at the opening party, I flew round the 10 KM dressed as Dumbo, and thanks to the Half Marathon I finally met Judy Hopps and Sadness. It was my second time running in Disneyland Paris, and it was truly an unforgettable weekend that I still tell everyone about now.


October saw us return to the parks where we trick or treated down Halloween street with Goofy and his Skeletoon gang, we clapped our hands with Mickey and the tricycle gang, we event met all of our favourite villains! As if that wasn’t enough fun we also had tickets to the Halloween Soiree on the 31st and got to run around our favourite theme park dressed as our favourite characters, it was the best night with an incredible parade, stage shows, and this hilarious encounter with Gaston.

November was our last trip of 2017, a weekend dash to bring in the Christmas season! If you’re going to drive 700 miles over 48 hours to spend less than 24 hours in the parks you know you’re dedicated. But we just can’t seem to stay away! Mickey’s big band show was the absolute stand out entertainment of the Christmas season, it’s possible one of the best stage shows I ever witnessed in any theme park, you should be so proud of what you’ve achieved here. Goofy’s Christmas show on the Tower of Terror was also fantastic, and for me really rivaled the other night time shows! Thanks for giving the studios park some TLC!


But the fun doesn’t stop there for us, and our Disneyland Paris adventure is far from over! We’re already planning to come back for Pirates and Princesses to see Jake, Peter and all our favourite Royals. The summer of heroes promises to be out of this world and we’d love to see Captain America again after meeting him on the Half marathon in 2016. Magical run weekend continues to grow from strength to strength and pushes me to keep training and bettering myself, a firm calendar entry. And as the Christmas season was so inviting and the entertainment was of such a high standard, a longer Christmas trip is definitely on the cards for 2018!

You gave Disneyland Paris the sparkling 25th anniversary it deserved! The park has never looked better thanks to the extensive programme of refurbishments. The entertainment standard is growing from strength to strength with every show and every new cast. Honestly I don’t think there has ever been a better time to visit Disneyland Paris, and I have faith that under your leadership the changes will continue and the park will improve even further, it’s an exciting time to be a fan!


The only thing we’d really like you to know, is how much we miss Duffy in the parks, and how much we’d like to be able to come to Paris to visit him for hugs and photos. Even if he could come out for EMT each morning and meet at the board house again where he belongs, I know there’s lots of other Duffy fans like me who would come to see him.


There’s really nothing else left for me to say at this point, other than a huge thank you, not just to you but to every single Disneyland Paris cast member past and present. For every visit for every moment of magic, for every day of the last 25 years that’s made the resort what it is.


Hoodsie and Duffy.

So guy’s, what would you want to tell Catherine, what’s been your highlight of the park’s 25th year! Drop us a comment we’d love to read them

Hoodsie xx


  1. I loved reading this post - it's such a lovely idea! I also was there for (and around) April 12th and it was one of the most magical days I've ever experienced. I'm so happy with all the refurb's the parks had and you're right, the entertainment has definitely improved. As with a lot of park fans, I'd love to see new rides/a land/expansions now that the Walt Disney company has taken over. Disneyland Park is certainly overdue something new.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments! I do agree a new ride is the next step I feel the park needs to make and hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

    Hoodsie xz

  3. I loved this idea! How fun. I think you've really had a great deal of fun at Disneyland Paris. And I agree with you - I think Catherine has done such a good job so far. She's really trying to turn the park around.

  4. Thank you! I literally had the best year of trips in 2017, so many amazing memories and I cant wait to get back. I'm such a huge fan of the way Catherine is doing things, she deserves so much credit!

  5. I loved reading this and I completely agree with you that Duffy should come back.
    After seeing the video from today’s Anniversary Show I am so upset that Duffy seems to be removed from that show. I hope that after Catherine read this letter she also realized that among us many other Duffy fans are missing a meet and greet spot with Duffy (and Shellie-Mae?!) in the actual park! You are so brave for writing this and I hope to see you soon in the parks during the Pirates and Princesses season

  6. Awh thank you! I’m so glad I posted it, I was super nervous but it felt right

    Duffy and I would love to meet you! Xx

  7. Hi I didn’t have a magical time in Euro Disney visited in January for my granddaughters 6th birthday with my daughter checked into sequoia lodge left to go to park and returned later to find our room had been robbed and an employees badge on the floor which wasn’t there when we checked into room they took all my daughter and granddaughters money and the hotel staff did nothing totally ruined my granddaughters birthday she still has nightmares about a robber taking all her mums money hotel did not even contact us again to see how we were also contacted Walt Disney world UK who we booked through 5 weeks ago to complain but still no reply
    Been going to Disney for 26 years totally disgusted this time couldn’t get safe in room to work so his purse in case
    When security staff came they took badge away and said they would check who had used key to enter room didn’t even contact us again and Walt Disney company said there a different franchise from Paris
    Maybe Catherine Powell should know about the bad experiences rather than the good this visit has traumatised my granddaughter I’ve been looking for a contact for her but can’t find one

  8. Hi jean, thanks for your comment!

    First of all I’m so sorry to hear this happened and I can totally understand why you and your family would be so upset and cross!

    I should probably point out like you I’m just a guest and this is just a fan blog, so I can only really comment on my own experiences I don’t work for Disney nor do I have a direct contact for Catherine.

    There is a direct complaints email for Disneyland Paris and if you’re not getting any joy with your travel agent i would probably go down that route.

    Once again so sorry to hear you didn’t have a great trip, hopefully Disney will contact you soon to resolve this!