Disneyland Paris Trip Report - September 2017 Day 3

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Hi guys!

Don't forget to catch up on the last post in this series the 10 km race this will carry on from where I left off, I seem to have loads of this trip left to cover so lets jump straight in!

After the 10 Km race I was lucky enough to be able to head back to they Cheyenne with Steven to use the shower in his room to save me going all the way back to the hi park, this was so much more convenient, and re affirmed my love for the Texas rooms in the Cheyenne hotel, they truly are beautiful, it's a great hotel.

After a shower and a quick change, apart from staying in my running shorts because Sophie forgot my jeans, it was time to head back to the parks, we decided to do the studios first to see Mickey and the Magician as I  hadn't seen it since November last year, the show has had a few tweaks and updates for this season, as well as a new cast, but I'm pleased to say it hasn't effected the overall quality of the show, it really is a very special show and deserves all the praise it gets.

After Mickey and the Magician I wanted to get some photos in my ratatouille top from Pop corn clothing and with Duffy in his chefs outfit, so we headed over to Place de Remy, I think the plan was to grab something from the food and wine type stalls, but it was just really really busy, we got our photos and were making our way back through the Studios when we saw Sulley was out on the scare floor, his queue was closed but the lovely CM told us what time his second set would be, so we got some food in Studio one then headed back to join the queue for his second set.

After meeting Sulley there wasn't much else we were desperate to do in the studios so it was park hop time, I wanted to grab some pictures in front of Dumbo in my other top from Pop corn clothing, and then we stopped off to meet Chip and Dale in their gorgeous new costumes in adventure land round the side of the Pizza Outpost, as always they were super cheeky and really fun.

We popped round to fantasy land and stopped to see the princes and princesses on their way back from the waltz on castle stage and by this point I was really struggling from a combination of being tired, and pain in my calves from the 10 km. We headed back to the Expo in Disney village where I was able to get a free massage, which made a big difference!

Then it was back to the main park so catch Stars on Parade, honestly I know this parade gets a lot of mixed reviews, but I love it more and more every time I watch it, a real highlight for me. By the time parade finished I was 100% exhausted and done for the day, so we headed back to Hi park and i took a nap for a few hours while Sophie went shopping near by, I hate that I missed so much park time but honestly I just couldn't keep going at this point, with the half marathon the next morning too it was just better to play it safe this time and get some rest in.

We did pop back to the village in the evening, as I forgot to collect my bag from concierge, and we got a 5 guys to make the trip back worth while, but I'm afraid it was a rather unexciting and early evening for us.

Will be back soon with the next part of the trip, the half marathon! Until then speak soon!

Hoodsie xx

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