Star Wars Identities Day Trip

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Hi guys!

Hope you're all well, some of you may have seen online that I visited the O2 arena in London recently to visit the Star Wars Identities exhibition which is on there until September 3rd 2017, if you're really eagle eyed you may have also noticed this was actually my second visit, so I thought it was about time I wrote up some thoughts!

As you can imagine from it's name, the exhibition takes you on a journey through the star wars universe focusing on the many characters that make this franchise what it is. Who they are, how they were developed, how their characteristics shape and define them. The exhibition has over 200 props, and features audio and video segments as well as a unique chance to create and shape your own character using a magic band style technology.

When you enter you're given you audio guide headset and your magic band, a staff member then gives you a few tips on how to work the headset and how to make sure you get the best sound etc, you're then led through to a short video introduction, once that is finished you're free to discover the rest at your own pace. The first time we visited in January we went on a Sunday morning and it was quite busy which meant you had to wait around a bit to get to some of the props etc, however this time we went for an afternoon slot, about 1:30 pm and it was much quieter.

As you go through the exhibition there are 7 or 8 stations where you can scan your "magic band" and make decisions that will develop you character, which you'll get to see at the end in more detail, the first choice is which race your character will be, as you go through the exhibition and learn more about some of the main characters you're asked to make choices about your upbringing, your ambitions, your interests and ultimately every decision you make along the way shapes you.

As someone who gets pretty easily distracted when there's a lot of reading involved, I loved the audio segments throughout the tour, each section with audio is marked out on the floor, and once you get close enough your audio guide will automatically pick up and carry on the audio which loops. It was such a great way to be able to take in a lot of information in a format that is suitable for all ages.

The props and costumes on display were incredible, being able to get up close to my favourite droids was amazing, and I loved seeing so many of the costumes from the different films, even if Boba Fett did make me feel really really small in comparison. One of my personal favourites was master Yoda, but I also loved the collection of Padme's costumes.

Not only was there a whole bunch of props and costumes there was a whole world of concept art, the stuff you wouldn't normally get to see, the many forms of Jar Jar binks, the different designs for Jabba the Hutt, early drawings of Chewbacca and an explanation of how he got his unique sound.

As you can wander through the sections at your own pace, you really can spend as long as you want in this exhibit, personally both times I've been I've spent around 2 hours wandering through and taking in the details, at £25 a ticket I would definitely say this is worth the price.

Finally the last choice you'll make at the end of the exhibition is to join the dark side, or follow the light side of the force, you're then able to scan your "magic band" and watch your character appear on the screens in front of you, there are stations to scan your magic band and enter your E-mail address, this will allow your character and their back story to be E-mailed over to you so that you can keep it and share with friends.

After there is a gift shop where of course you can splash your hard earned cash on some keepsakes from the day, largely I found them to be generic and overpriced but there were a few cool things worth picking up, the three things that stood out for me were the guide book, the 16 piece home ware set and the star wars fragrances, I did pick up the Rey one in January and I still love it!

As i said before, this is running at the O2 arena in London until September 3rd 2017, tickets are £25 from the O2 website!

Have you been or are you planning on going? I'd love to hear our thoughts!

Hoodsie xx

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  1. Really enjoyed it when I went. The identity creation wasn't what I had expected (you create everything as opposed to your answers create an identity) but I still enjoyed it. I really liked the way they tied in the idea of identities to the exhibit by comparing Luke and Anakin and was impressed by how educational this was as well! As a huge Star Wars fan, I was already aware of some of the stories about a character's origins, but there was a LOT that was new even to me! I really recommend it to anyone who is a Star Wars fan.