DLP 25th Anniversary - Happy Birthday DLP show review

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Hey guys!

I can't believe its been 5 weeks since the 25th anniversary day already! I'm still trying to process all of it, and can't really believe a lot of what I saw! I still have so many lovely photos to go through, and I'm trying to work out which ones to print to go in my album! But as I looked back through the photos I realized I took quite a few pictures of the Happy birthday Disneyland Paris show on the castle stage, honestly this is probably my favourite piece of entertainment from the 25th anniversary, and lets be honest everything's easier to write about when you're passionate, so here's my review of the show!

The show takes place on Castle stage and is currently being shown 3 times a day before making way for the starlit princess waltz later on in the day. The show is around 15 mins long and sees Mickey and a whole bunch of his friends celebrate all that is great about Disneyland Paris in honour of the parks 25th anniversary.

The show is themed around the different lands of our favourite park and the lyrics are 50/50 English and French mix, though it all flows so well and there's so much going on that I didn't even realise it was half French until the 3rd time of watching it, whoops!

The first section is based on Main Street and introduces our pal Goofy and his son Max who are present throughout the rest of the show to tie it all together along with 4 incredible dancers who I am constantly in awe of. My favourite part about the Main street section is that the costumes remind me of Swing into Spring which I've really missed this year!

Next it's off to frontier land where we meet our friends Woody, Jessie, Chip and Dale! I love frontier land as it's thunder mesa back story is just incredible and really brings the land together perfectly, the dancers have gained cowboy hats to complete their outfits and this is probably my favourite musical part of the whole show. Chip and Dale make exceptional cowboys and look so so cute, and the music is just really upbeat and fun, honestly I defy you to sit still through this section, I'm pretty sure it's impossible! Its the perfect tribute to this part of the park.

After frontier land it's time to visit Adventure land and catch up with our friends king Louis, Baloo, Peter and Mr Smee. As a huge Peter pan fan, this made me very excited to get to see my lost boy front and centre. What I like the most about this section is the great job they've made of covering both aspects of Adventure land, the pirates and the jungle! The dancers have split with two carrying on the pirate theme and two taking on the jungle theme and it has been brought together really well so that neither feels out of place.

Two lands down two to go so Fantasy land is our next stop, luckily the Mad hatter loves a good party and has brought his friends Alice, Pooh, Piglet, Pluto and Duffy Bear to celebrate with him and a selection of fantastic Mad hatter style hats for the dancers. Now what struck me most about this section is the inclusion of Duffy. Now obviously I'm a huge Duffy fan, so it's obviously a good decision if you ask me, but for a character who doesn't come out for meets in the park, isn't on the new merchandise range, and overall isn't that well known I was kind of surprised to see him! I do think that it's a really positive step and I'm praying it's the start of more regular appearances by my favourite baby bear. But if nothing else, it really makes the show for me!

Our final destination is Discovery land where we're joined by Buzz Lightyear and the naughty Stitch! I really love the dancers alien hats in this section and if they sold them in the parks I don't think I'd be taking mine off, not only that but stitch is a huge fan favourite and it's always a pleasure to see him included.

Now that we've taken a walk down main street and visited all four lands, there's only one thing left to do, but where's Mickey? You can't celebrate everything that makes Disneyland Paris great without a visit from the leading mouse and of course he's wearing his finest 25th anniversary suit! Which just gives us chance to pose for a few photos to finish off the celebrations.

So that's my thoughts on the 25th anniversary show, have you guys seen it? What was your favourite part? If you haven't seen it yet, or you're just missing it like I am, Philip over at DLRP Fans has uploaded a great 4K video to his YouTube, enjoy!

Hoodsie xx


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