Characters I met at DLP 25 - Part Two

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Hey again!

Following on from Part One which proved to be pretty popular with you all, it's time to look at the second half of my trip to DLP for the 25th anniversary week and the characters I was lucky enough to meet. Hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave any questions or comments and I'll do my best to get back to you!

Thursday March 13th

After a long day for the grand celebrations on Wednesday I forced myself to get up and out for the 8:15 sitting at Plaza Gardens to try the new character breakfast that is replacing Cafe Mickey (more about that in a later post) this is an easy way to tick some characters off your list and get fueled up for the day ahead. During breakfast we met Mickey, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. Out of these Piglet was a new character for me, and truth be told was the majority of the reason for my trip there. I will write up a review of my experience of this breakfast in the next week or two!

Our next meet of the day was Darth Vader at his new permanent location in Discovery land, the queue was fairly short at around 30 mins, and it was a fantastic experience that I would strongly recommend to both Character fans and Star Wars fans alike. The meet and greet is located in the old Star Traders building and i think this is a really good use of this space, the queue is predominantly outside, but due to the design of the building it is also under cover which is nice, once you get inside you are directed into a small holding room while you wait for your turn. Once he's ready to see you, Vader will come and collect you from the holding room, and this is where the magic starts, everyone is 100% in character, Vader talks in either French or English and will do his best to intimidate you, and the CM and photo pass photographer on hand will play along perfectly and do exactly as Vader tells them to like the most loyal minion.

After meeting Vader our walk through Discovery land saw us stumble upon an unscheduled Stitch meet, if you're a big fan of the Blue trouble maker he can often be found around Orbitron and Space Mountain, as always meeting him was a pleasure, even after he picked his nose with my pen and stole Duffy!

The final character we met on Thursday was another unscheduled meet, this time in the front lot of the Walt Disney studios park, another first time meet for the trip was the turn of Mulan, I really enjoyed meeting her and the queue was quite short as the meet wasn't in the program! Typically front lot is a great place to meet characters around lunch time, and the same for the path by Casey Junior in the main park.

Friday March 14th

Friday was my last full day in the park for this trip, so to make the most of it we headed out early to get in for EMH, we weren't quite as early as we had hoped but wanted to meet Minnie so made the most of the time we did have. As it was Good Friday and the anniversary week the parks were quite busy and this did make the EMH queues longer than normal, we ended up queuing about an hour for Minnie, but she was worth it and had a photo pass photographer with her as well which meant I got a lovely high quality photo too!

Our next meet was Aladdin and Jasmine in adventure land outside the enchanted passage, they were so nice and friendly and we were able to get loads of photos even though there was no photo pass for this meet, the only frustration was that I had a print I wanted to get signed but in my star struck state I totally forgot, I guess there's always next time!

After meeting Aladdin and Jasmine we got word that my all time favourite lost boy might be out near his old meet spot opposite skull rock, this was an opportunity I wasn't missing, although Peter is one of my favourite characters this would only be the 2nd time I'd been able to meet him over 10 trips! So after a quick run round to the other side of adventure land, and a short wait in the wrong queue we found our lost boy, and even better, his Wendy bird was with him to, as the only Peter pan character currently meeting in DLP that I hadn't met I was pretty excited. The queue wasn't too long and it was quickly our turn I'd been waiting so long to cuddle Peter again and he didn't disappoint, Wendy was beautiful and every bit as lovely as I had hoped, and I also had a chance to show them photos of Duffy and Shellie dressed as Peter and Tink which they loved!

After such a perfect start to the day we topped up our character count with a late lunch at Auberge De Cendrillon in Fantasy land, we've been a bit unlucky in the past and had the same characters multiple times but I guess someone was looking down on us this time as we got our pretty much perfect line up, as well as Suzy and Perla we were joined by Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and Rapunzel. The food was great but the interaction was even better and we got some lovely photos and memories to cherish, Rapunzel even remembered Kelly and I from the pavilion on Tuesday which was really lovely.


Saturday March 15th

My last morning in the park and time for one last meet and greet so who better than my favourite deputy, my best pal, and the one cowboy I know will always have a special place in my heart. No trip to DLP is truly complete without a visit to see woody, even better as it was a saturday we teamed it with a trip to the trading post to try and grab a 25th pin before they all sold out.

The weather wasn't great but woody wasn't bothered and was warm and friendly as normal, I got lots of hugs and some great photos, and even better, Duffy was wearing his woody outfit, which gave us the cutest photo opportunity. It really was the perfect meet to finish of such a wonderful trip meeting new friends and old.

So that's it for this trip in terms of character meets, hope this has been as enjoyable to follow as it was to experience. Who did you guys meet on your last trip? Did I see any characters you've been looking for? Drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx


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