April Disney Haul - Disneyland Paris Edition

Hi guys,

Been excited to share this one with you all, it's a slightly different haul than normal as this month the focus is the purchases I made in Disneyland Paris during my 25th anniversary trip. I will list where I bought each item and the cost before discount, if I can remember them all!


First of all, what's a Disney trip without some pins to commemorate the occasion, i picked up 3 new pins and a new lanyard on my trip, and was then sent a fourth pin by my good friend Britt as it released just after my visit so I've included that too. All of the pins I got were open editions so should be available in the parks for the next 12 months it also means they should be on sale in most shops.

Out of the 4 pins I picked up two are 25th anniversary pins, the Minnie one was €8.99 and I actually picked it up from the trading post in Frontier Land near cowboy cookout as it was sold out in most other shops, the second with the castle was €6.99 and I got this one in the constellations store in Discovery Land.

I try to pick up a dated year pin each year I visit the parks and I picked up this one for €9.99 it is a spinner design and features they tend to make a new version of this pin most years but I hadn't picked up this design before, I think this one also came from constellations but again should be available in most stores and Disney hotel shops.

The Final pin was this Duffy and Shellie-May pin which released on the last weekend of April, as I was already home my friend Britt picked this one up and sent it over and I couldn't be more grateful, what a lovely way to commemorate my wonderful meet with both of them. I think it was €7.99

The final item from my pin purchases was a new lanyard, I picked up this 25th anniversary lanyard from the trading post and it was €9.99, I really like the colour and design and figured you can never have enough lanyards, plus I'm a huge sucker for the 25th merchandise as I love the steampunk outfits Mickey and Minnie are wearing. Unfortunately when I got home I realised the clip was broken, so I have E-mailed Disney and sent a copy of my receipt and hopefully I will be getting it replaced soon!


I picked up a few clothing/accessory items this trip, my favourite though has to be the special 25th top. Now you can still purchase an almost identical top to this in the parks, but what makes mine special is that it has the anniversary date on it and was only sold on the 12th. It was €21.99 from Flora's which I thought was a really good price, and was actually cheaper than the not limited 25th top I had intended to purchase.

I also picked up these adorable Sulley socks for €7.99 from the shop on the left by the gates as you exit the main Disneyland park, they will go perfect with the Sulley back pack I bought on my January trip, and the Sulley hoodie I hope to pick up on my next trip!

And finally if you can take a trip to a Disney park without buying a new pair of Minnie ears, you're obviously a much stronger person than I am. After leaving my sparkly Blue ears in the hotel by accident on the anniversary day (oh come on! of all the days) it seemed like I had no other choice but to grab one of the 25th Minnie ears to wear for the day! I decided to go for the purple pair that match Minnie's parade bow and picked them up from Flora's on Main street for €16.99.

Year of Stars

The year of stars merchandise range is pretty impressive and and has whole bunch of items featuring Mickey and the gang in their new parade outfits, honestly I could have bought so much of it, and I'm sure I'll be buying more when I go back later this year if I need it or not. But for this trip the main items I picked up are the Photo album for €16.99 which I actually picked up in the hotel shop, it holds up to 200 photos and has space next to each one to write any notes you want to help you remember etra details such as dates etc.

I also picked up the Autograph book for €12.99 and the matching pen for €3.99 again I got these from the shop in my hotel, but they should be available in most shops in the park, especially the Emporium on main street which is a great location to pick up your park essentials and possible one of my favourite stores.

Also pictured is the Buzz pen I bought in constellations, again it was €3.99 but they appear to have changed the design from previous years, and for a toy story fan like me that seemed to be enough of a reason for me to part with my cash, whoops!


Now of course, there's plenty more I did buy that would have fitted into this section, but of course it never made it back to the hotel let alone home with me, who can blame me right? But the two items I did manage to bring home were the limited edition DLP25 coke bottle, I believe these are €3.99 and I bought mine from one of the carts on Main street. It is kind of pricey for what it is so I only bought the one, but it was such a wonderful keepsake and an unusual item that I couldn't say no.

I also brought back these awesome Mickey shaped lollies for €4.99, you get 5 flavours Orange, Cherry, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and Banana. Banana is my favourite out of the 5 but they're all really nice, and it's a great little pick me up when the Disney blues set in at home!


Finally it would be silly to think I could come back from a Disney trip without some new Duffy and friends merchandise, and who am I to disappoint you? this trip I picked up the new 25th anniversary Duffy and Shellie-May plushes, they are €29.99 each and can be bought from the Story book store, Floras and the Emporium. I love the varsity style jackets, and they're a really cute size though a fair bit smaller than the 20th anniversary Duffy.

I also bought a copy of my photo pass picture from the Duffy and Shellie meet, with this 25th anniversary frame which I picked up from Flora's I think this is about €12.99 usually. I love that its such a great way for me to remember the 12th and it looks great to have it displayed with my 25th plushes too.

I picked up 2 new Duffy outfits this trip, Duffy's original sailor outfit for €15.99 and a Tramp costume for €22.99, as we already had the Lady costume for Shellie I was super happy to be able to complete the set, I got these in the Storybook store next to city hall, as this is my favourite place to pick up Duffy related items, but you can find them elsewhere in the parks!

Annual Pass

Perhaps the biggest, or at least most expensive purchase of the trip was my annual pass. Disneyland Paris recently changed their annual pass offering and introduced 4 new annual passes, the most expensive is the Infinity pass at €399, it has some features which were not on the old Dream pass, so existing pass holders were given the option to upgrade for €176, after some quick Disney math (the only kind worth doing) I decided the benefits outweighed the additional cost for me, so when I arrived upgrading my annual pass was the first order of business after the parade.

So I think that wraps up my purchases from my April trip, I probably spent way too much money, but it makes me happy and with my annual pass discount it takes off a little chunk which makes it all more affordable.

What did you buy on your last trip? Have I bought anything you're going to look for on your next trip? Drop me a comment!

Hoodsie xx


  1. Were the coke bottles just for anniversary day? I would love one of them if they still have them in June.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I think these were released for the anniversary but to be sold until they run out, I don't go again till august unfortunately, fingers crossed you get one!

    Thanks for reading!

    Hoodsie xx

  3. You got some fab goodies, we plan on visiting next march, I'm really hoping they still have 25th anniversary merch when we're there! X

  4. Your pins are so pretty! How awesome it must be to be there during an anniversary.