February Disney haul - part Two

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Hey Guys!

Following on from part one here's some more wonderfully Disney things I picked up or was gifted during February, hope you enjoy!

First on my list is this incredible painting by the fabulous Lauren! you can check her twitter or her etsy store for more incredible paintings. I love sorcerer Mickey, which is a weird one because Fantasia is by no means my favourite Disney film, it's just my favourite Mickey costume to date, and reminds me dearly of DLP. I was gifted this painting by a friend for my birthday but if you'd like to pick one up for yourself art on Lauren's store starts from around £5 and each piece is incredible. Thank you so much Lauren, I'm really going to treasure this and can't wait to get it on my wall!

Next is this awesome London Tsum tsum set which is from the Disney store i believe they currently retail for £10, i love the display box and their London themed costumes, the range also includes french themed, Rome and Chicago as well as a few others. This was a very thoughtful gift from my friend Sophie and it reminds me of all the Disney friends I've met up with in London. As the box is too cute for words I don't think these will be coming out to join the others so I'm currently working out where they're going to live, oops!

Pin trading is still fairly new to me, well i say pin trading, in reality i don't really part with my pins and I'd be far too nervous to ask a CM to trade even if i wanted to, so it's more like pin hoarding for me! In February I picked up 3 new pins, the season of the force pin, which Katie picked up in DLP for me, you can find her YouTube channel here  and then of course I finally added some Duffy pins to my collection which I managed to pick up on a Facebook selling group for a really great price!

Continuing with the Duffy theme check out these incredible Duffy ears from my amazingly talented and wonderful friend Shouls! She's recently opened an Etsy store to sell ears and other Disney head wear, and going by the quality of these I would be silly not to recommend her! I was so surprised to get these in the post and honestly I cannot wait to wear them in the parks, they are so so unique and I'm hoping they'll get some good reactions.

Finally, what sort of Month would it be if there were no new Duffy and Shellie May outfits to show you?! I swear those bears are far better dressed than me! So heres some new outfits we've picked up this month. The Sulley costume I got on Ebay at an absolute bargain, I really like the fur suit style costumes and we already have a few others. next up a Spiderman suit from Build a Bear workshop, I love that their clothes fit Duffy and Shellie as it provides me with so many extra costume options at really affordable prices! When we met Spidey at DLP in September he really took a shine to Duffy, so I'm hoping for some good interaction from this costume. Finally we have a costume for Shellie May which was a gift from the lovely Sebastien, this princess Leia costume is from DLP and I adore it, I looked at it a few times during my January trip but as I was only flying with hand luggage I decided not to bring it home, so imagine my surprise when it turned up just after my birthday! Doesn't it look amazing.


So that's it for my February Disney Purchases, as I'm trying my best to save for my DLP 25th visit in April I'm not sure there will be much to show you at the end of march, but i might surprise myself so check back soon!

Hoodsie xxx


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