February Disney haul - Part One

Hi Guys!

I've had such a busy few months and I'm just getting back into updating my blog so I thought the best way to get back into things would be a simple update on some new Disney items I've added to my ever growing collection this month, as it was my birthday at the start of the month I am lucky enough to have lots to share with you all, where possible I have included details on where to buy, hope you enjoy!

Fist of all, it would be wrong not to share this wonderfully unique gift from my sister, its a custom Funko pop vinyl figure, which was made for me by a lady called Penelope in Canada. I was totally not expecting this at all, and as a huge collector of pop figures i was really impressed with the quality and detail, especially the little Duffy dressed as Stitch.

As it was a gift I'm not sure what the cost of this was, but if you'd like to look at more of her work she does have an Etsy store called Nerdmitage, which you can find here!

Next up is this beautiful Peter Pan ornament, which was a gift from my dad, again this was a totally unexpected gift but I am so happy with it, i was lucky enough to get a Peter Pan traditions figure for Christmas so it looks like I am building up quite the collection of memorabilia of my favourite lost boy. This is from a company called Nao, and each piece is made in Spain. It's not something I had ever seen before and not a style I may have chosen personally, but i think it's beautiful and something I will really treasure, its currently on Nao's website for £114.75 and can be found here!

As I mentioned before February happens to also be my birth month, so imagine my excitement when it not only fell on a Tsum tsum Tuesday, but that the theme this month was Pixar! The February tsum tsums were a mix of 2 Pixar films, A bug's life, and Wall-E, luckily I am a fan of both films, so couldn't resist the opportunity to take a trip to the Disney store on my birthday and collect the whole set, they are £3 each, and I was able to use my DLP dream Annual pass to get a 10% discount, so happy birthday me!

Two more Funko pops joined my ever growing collection this month, the Fantastic Kylo Ren from Star Wars, which was a gift from my friend Lottie, and this adorable Flik which I picked up at the Cheltenham True Believers Comic Festival, I am so happy with both of them, and though I'm running out of space to display them I cant wait to get the others from each series to go with them.

While visiting the True Believers Comic festival I was also lucky enough to meet a fellow Disney fan who is also an amazing Cosplayer, Tris Trinket, or @magicandmouse on twitter, it was so nice to meet someone with so many similar interests and someone fairly local too. Though we didn't get much time to chat we got on great and I was even gifted these two hair bows as a birthday present, thanks again so much! If you're interested in seeing what she gets up to you can find her site here.

Finding Dory was the one film i really wanted most for my birthday this year, luckily after being generous enough to pay for a custom pop figure, my sister knew how much I wanted this film and picked it up for me too. It was the sequel I felt Nemo deserved and although it was a long time coming it was definitely worth the wait. Out of the new characters in the series the baby sea Otters are probably my favourite, though I really liked Hanks character and what he brought to the film, can't wait to snuggle up and have a cosy night in watching this one.

Another purchase from the Disney store, a gift from my lovely friend Eleanor this animators plush of Kristoff from frozen, I had been eyeing up the animator dolls when they first came out with the frozen set but decided it wasn't something i had the money of space to collect, so when I got the chance to take this plush home it was an obvious yes, full retail price is £14.99 but I believe most stores have them on sale at £10 right now so a great time to grab one.

Another gift from my friend Mclovin is this beautiful Disney villains colouring book, the pages look amazing and I've picked out some of my favourites below, cannot wait to get cracking on this one.

And that's about it for now, there are some more items I will be sharing with you shortly, so if you like what you've seen so far be sure to check back for part two =)


  1. I still can't get over how cute that custom pop is! So much detail 💖

  2. That Peter Pan ornament oh my gosh. It's so stunning. He's my favourite! 💙

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