Zootropolis review

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Zootropolis, or zootopia as its called in the Us, is the latest offering from the Walt Disney studios. The story follows new recruit Judy Hopps as she leaves her home in bunny burrow to realize her dream of joining the police force in zootropolis a bustling city that's home to all species of animal big and small, when Judy arrives everything isn't what she hoped it would be, but when she gets the opportunity to take on a case that's make or break for her career she embarks on a crazy adventure with sly fox nick Wilde.

Zootropolis like many Disney films may be seen predominantly as a children or family film but it has no shortage of jokes and references that are there to be appreciated by adult viewers, and this is part of its charm, I could watch this film 10 times and I still don't think I'd find all the references which blend seamlessly into the stunning environments.
As always the animation is top notch and the attention to detail is second to none, the animators and designers have clearly studied the animals and their environments to ensure they are mimicked as closely as possible. The city of Zootropolis is impressive and makes a huge impact when Judy sees it for the first time, it is split into different environments and this showcases the range of weather effects Disney are able to recreate.

In particular I love the way everything has been tailored to suit the different animals living within the world, the first example of this is the train that takes Judy from bunny burrow into the city, there are smaller doors all along the carriages to allow rodents easy access, large main doors for rhinos and elephants and sections with high roofs to cater to giraffes. The animals have been given a lot of human characteristics and this has been carefully blended so as not to detract from key animal characteristics, they all walk on 2 legs and wear clothes, but they still have their unique traits, for example Judy's nose which twitches when the situation is tense and her ears which move to help portray her emotions.

The film has a strong story, and does not feel like it's the same story being told over and over again, it feels fresh and well thought out. There were plot twists which weren't expected and this kept you glued to the screen trying to work out what was going to happen next It was the perfect balance between humour and more serious moments.

Over all I would rate this film highly, I enjoyed the story and I loved the use of humour and references. The characters had strong personalities and the plot twists kept you glued to the screen, I can see this film doing very well in the cinema and have already seen plenty of merchandise to support its release. I can't wait to see it again.


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